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Lions Mane Infusions CBD Products

Locally Sourced CBD by Lions Mane Infusions

Lions Mane Infusions is committed to providing only the best quality CBD products, which is why all of their raw materials and finished goods are sourced locally in Western New York. Their full spectrum CBD products are made from hemp grown in the Hudson Valley utilizing sustainable and organic agricultural methods. The goal of Lions Mane Infusions is to create healthy, balanced lifestyle products for their customers.

There are also things for your four-legged pals! Lions Mane offers bath bombs, massage oils, olive oils, gummies, and hygiene products. You may also purchase Lions Mane Infusions branded clothing for men or women to give as a gift or to treat yourself!

The Mend Stick by Lions Mane Infusions

Mend Stick by Lions Mane Infusions is a topical healing ointment. It is a penetrating salve that contains a high concentration of Delta-8 THC as well as Full Spectrum CBD for medicinal therapy. Organic arnica, organic black seed oil, and ginger extract are all found in this unique blend and all work together to reduce inflammation and ease pain. The Mend Stick helps reduce pain and inflammation by containing 500mg of Delta 8 and 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD. Additionally, the packaging for Lions Mane’s Mend Stick is biodegradable, and the product itself is free of harmful chemicals and perfumes.

Lions Mane Infusions’ Lip Balm

Lip balms like Lion’s Mane Infusions’ Healing Harvest CBD Lip Balm are essential for keeping your lips moisturized, protected, and soothed. If you’re searching for a low-dose CBD product, try their 25mg CBD Lip Balm in Blood Orange flavor.

Bath Bombs from Lions Mane Infusions

Bath bombs loaded with CBD are a convenient method to obtain the relaxation you want on a regular basis. Other products do not enable you to submerge your entire body in a reviving blend of CBD, essential oils, salt, and natural fragrant fragrances. Bath Bombs from Lions Mane Infusions include 100mg of CBD and come in two lovely scents: Blood Orange and Lavender.

Other Products

Lions Mane Infusions provides a diverse selection of CBD products with differing strength levels that can assist a variety of individuals and purposes. The Lions Mane CBD Honey contains 600mg of CBD. Their 8oz Cold Pressed Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has 500mg of CBD.  Perhaps you enjoy gummies, and Lions Mane has both CBD and Delta-8 THC gummies. Delta-8 gummies come in Raspberry and Watermelon flavors, while CBD gummies come in Elderberry.

Lions Mane Infusions does not have a  brick and mortar, however its goods may be purchased locally through a variety of sources. If you wish to buy their items in person, go visit Bison Botanics, Skin By Amber, Tupelo Honey, or Nature’s Sunshine. Of course, you may always order from the official Lions Mane Infusions website from the comfort of your own home. However, a Lions Mane Infusions exhibitor booth may be seen at different events across Western New York. Make sure to follow them on social media to stay up to speed on everything going on at Lions Mane Infusions.

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