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Blog Title Massachusetts College Partners With Green Flower To Offer Cannabis Courses

Massachusetts College Partners With Green Flower To Offer Cannabis Courses

Green Flower and Massachusetts College collaborate on cannabis education courses.

This September, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and cannabis education startup Green Flower will work together to provide cannabis certificates. They will offer four courses. This marks the first collaboration between a cannabis education firm and a college in Massachusetts.

WPI now offers four cannabis-focused programs: Cannabis Health Care and Medicine, Cannabis Law and Policy, Cannabis Business, and Cannabis Farming and Horticulture. The courses are $2,950 apiece and last six months.

WPI’s head of chemistry and biochemistry, Anita Mattson, told NBC News Boston that THC-rich cannabis would not be allowed on campus. This is due to the fact that THC might affect the school’s federal financing. The pupils would instead be interacting with CBD-rich cannabis plants.


“All of the skills and techniques that people will learn on the hemp are exactly the same ones that you would need for any aspect of the cannabis industry.”

Green Flower currently works with 18 schools and institutions throughout the United States, according to the company’s website.

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