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Medical Cannabis In Spain May Be Coming Soon

Medical Cannabis In Spain May Finally Happen

On February 14 2024, the Spanish Ministry of Health stated in a press release that it is creating a Royal Decree to legalize medical cannabis in Spain. Previously, plans to legalize medical cannabis in Spain by the end of 2022 fell through. The Spanish government previously declined to address the issue of cannabis legalization, therefore, this represents a partial advancement.

The Spanish Health Ministry’s proposed legislation for the medicinal use of cannabis is based on reliable scientific data. Periodic reviews will be conducted to confirm the success of the standard, which will provide enough flexibility for further expansion.

You Can Voice Your Opinion About Medical Cannabis In Spain

A draft Royal Decree has been released to the public, and the government has invited all concerned parties to provide input on the suggestions. Organizations and individual residents have until March 4 to give their opinions on the ideas, as the government fulfills its vow to proceed with the long-delayed implementation of medical cannabis in Spain.

It is crucial for individuals to provide their feedback and suggestions to ensure that the regulations surrounding medical cannabis in Spain are effective. By participating in this process, you can help shape the future of medical cannabis access and treatment options in the country. Your input is valuable and can make a difference in improving healthcare for those who can benefit from medical cannabis.

An email portal has been established on the Ministry's website for interested parties to submit contributions. Submissions should be forwarded to

Limitations May Cause Beneficial Prevention

Stakeholders and patients support the chance to contribute to medical cannabis in Spain. However, limitations frustrate them. Currently, all types of cannabis flowers are banned from Spain’s medical cannabis system. They are hopeful for a future where patients have access to a variety of medical cannabis options. By voicing your opinion, maybe this proposal for medical cannabis in Spain will see a much needed amendment. Submissions can be forwarded to

The decree intends to restrict the use of medical cannabis prescriptions to conditions for which scientific evidence demonstrates its benefits. Nevertheless, precise criteria were not stipulated. This may include symptoms as a result of chemotherapy, severe pain that does not respond to treatment, uncommon types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and endometriosis.

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