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The Netherlands prepares for second round of coronavirus. Masks are required in parts of Amsterdam starting 5 August.

Netherlands Prepares For COVID-19 Second Round

The Netherlands now prepares for a second round of COVID-19. Just a few months ago, the Netherlands began phases to reopen businesses in several industries. First on 1 June, we saw restaurants, bars, cafes, and museums reopen. The government then surprised the country when coffeeshops were allowed to reopen smoking areas on 1 July, much earlier than the original 1 September date. Sex workers were allowed back to work on 1 July as well.

Since mid-October, coffeeshops have remained open for take-away only options.
Sign at Coffeeshop Balou prior to coffeeshops reopening smoking areas that reads, “no sitting or rolling inside”.
The Netherlands prepares for second round of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Fast forward just one month after coffeeshops reopen. High traffic areas have already seen pedestrian walkway systems installed to help combat the spread of COVID-19, however more measures seem to be necessary. Netherlands now joins many other countries in Europe as they prepare for the second round of COVID-19 outbreaks. Mandatory mask requirements will start as of Wednesday, 5 August in busy areas of Amsterdam & Rotterdam. If you refuse to follow these rules, you could receive a hefty fine, city officials confirmed. The fine is set at €95. This so called experiment is lasting until (at least) 31 August, when the results can be evaluated.

Amsterdam Pedestrian COVID-19 Walkway System
Amsterdam uses a pedestrian walkway system to combat the spread of COVID-19.
Traveling to Amsterdam? Make sure to wear a mask in the following areas.

• Streets & shops in the Red Light District
Albert Cuypstraat
Markets at Plein ’40 -’45. 

How can one fully enjoy the Red Light District when masks are required? Better yet, how can you enjoy a heady smoke session inside a coffeeshop like The Bulldog or Feels Good while masks are required? It would appear likely that more closures are soon to follow.

This is just the start. Though, the Dutch government is calling this merely an experiment. Many countries continue to issue travel bans to parts of the world. Some countries have even begun to place their residents back into lockdowns, like in Madrid, Spain just last week. We are sure this is not the end of coronavirus here in Holland. We will keep you updated as measures change.

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