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cannabis farmers markets coming to new york this summer

New York, Look Out For Cannabis Farmers Markets This Summer

As summer approaches, a new type of farmers market is on the horizon, one that sells legally cultivated cannabis. The Office of Cannabis Management in New York recently announced that cannabis farmers markets will operate throughout the state, starting this summer.


At these farmers’ markets, vendors will legally be able to sell cannabis products. This decision is sure to be welcomed by many who are eager to see the cannabis industry thrive in the state.


New York Announces Cannabis Farmers Markets

During a town hall meeting with the Cannabis Association of New York, John Kagia, the OCM’s Director of Policy, unveiled the new plan to introduce cannabis farmer’s markets to the state. Conditional cultivators and Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (CAURDs) will be permitted to sell cannabis products at these cannabis farmer’s markets.


Since the legalization of cannabis for adult use in the state of New York, licensed cannabis cultivators and retailers have been traversing an unexpectedly slow and complicated process for establishing recreational dispensaries. This summer, the Office of Cannabis Management has announced a method for marijuana cultivators to sell their products at legal cannabis farmers markets.


Cannabis Farmers Markets Will Reduce Financial Burden

Cannabis farmers markets have emerged as a potential solution to aid marijuana growers who have been adversely affected by the sluggish implementation of the legal pot market throughout the state. These markets provide a platform for growers to sell their products directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional supply chain and avoiding the associated costs.


In the current scenario, only 13 recreational cannabis dispensaries are operational in the state which has resulted in cultivators being unable to sell their surplus weed. With the state being so vast, many regions are unable to purchase cannabis from a legal recreational dispensary, which has caused many unlicensed “sticker shops” to operate, as well as dispensaries on adjacent Native American sovereign territories.


Establishing cannabis farmers markets in New York could reduce the financial burden on cultivators and hash makers, allowing them to sustain their enterprises despite these regulatory obstacles.


Customers Could Soon See New Products

As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand, cultivators have been confronted with the problem of what to do with their excess product while they await the opening of licensed retail dispensaries. However, it is anticipated that the cannabis farmers markets will provide a solution for these cultivators to dispose of their surplus product.


Cannabis farmers markets will not only benefit the farmers, but also the consumers who will have access to a wider variety of cannabis products. Customers soon see an influx of new products. The markets will likely offer a range of locally grown flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals, beverages, among others. 

Additionally, farmers markets often offer competitive pricing, which could result in savings for consumers. As the market grows, it is possible that these farmers markets could become a staple in the cannabis industry and a preferred method for purchasing cannabis products. 


This development is sure to have a significant impact on the cannabis industry in New York, and many are eagerly anticipating the opportunities it will bring. Cannabis farmers markers in New York will not only benefit cultivators and hash makers, but also the consumers who will have access to a wider variety of products.

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