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Ohio's Recreational Cannabis Sales Set To Begin Soon As State Opens Applications

Ohio’s Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin Soon As State Opens Applications

The first legal sale of recreational marijuana in Ohio is just around the corner. On Friday, Ohio will begin accepting applications for recreational cannabis licenses from medical dispensaries, with the anticipation of having sales follow shortly after.


Caveh Azadeh, co-owner of a medical marijuana cultivation facility in Ohio, says, “They’re hoping for a week or less of turnaround.” It’s an ambitious timeline for the state as it prepares for its recreational cannabis market launch. Medical marijuana dispensaries can begin applying for dual licenses to sell recreational marijuana on Friday, with the hope that sales could follow shortly after.


Those who qualify may expect to get their recreational retail licenses from Ohio’s department of cannabis regulation in the coming days. In order to differentiate between medical and recreational cannabis, dispensaries that are applying for the new license will be required to upgrade their security and update their point-of-sale system before they are allowed to make an official sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.


Only medical dispensaries can begin to apply on Friday for recreational licensing until at least the fall. “We’re going to have adult recreational use with medical rules for the next three months, and by September, that’s when it goes fully recreational,” Azadeh states.


Ohio’s recreational cannabis sales licensing applications open on Friday for its current medical dispensaries. By obtaining the new licenses, medical dispensaries would be able to sell cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes. This will greatly expand access to cannabis products for adult consumers in the state.


The expansion of sales to recreational use is expected to significantly increase revenue for dispensaries and provide more options for consumers. This move aligns Ohio with other states that have successfully implemented recreational cannabis programs.


Overall, the decision to open up Ohio’s recreational cannabis sales is seen as a positive step forward for the state’s economy and its residents. It not only benefits the medical dispensaries by increasing revenue, but it also provides adult consumers with more options for accessing cannabis products. By aligning with other states that have already established successful recreational cannabis programs, Ohio is positioning itself as a leader in the cannabis industry. The opening of recreational cannabis sales licensing applications on Friday marks a new chapter for Ohio’s cannabis market.

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