Resident Looks To Repeal South Dakota MMJ Program

Resident Looks To Repeal South Dakota MMJ Program

A South Dakota resident has recently launched a campaign to repeal the state’s current medical marijuana legislation.

In 2020, South Dakotans voted overwhelmingly in favor of both medical and recreational marijuana. In 2021, however, the state Supreme Court overturned the legalization of adult use recreational cannabis. In South Dakota, the medical marijuana program did not begin until one year later, in July 2022.

Ismay Wants To Repeal South Dakota MMJ Program

Travis Ismay, a resident of South Dakota, is now working to end the medicinal marijuana program that the state has in place, asking for a repeal of the current law.

The proposed initiative by Ismay would do the following:
• Abolish the state’s medical cannabis program
• Make the existing operating medicinal marijuana stores illegal
• Establish harsher penalties for the possession and consumption cannabis products

If Ismay’s idea is taken further, the number of signatures required to qualify a revocation issue for the 2024 ballot would be more than 17,000.

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