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SCSU Cannabis Education Is Minnesota's First Certificate-Based Program

SCSU Cannabis Education Is Minnesota’s First Marijuana Based Program

Starting this fall, St. Cloud State University (SCSU) will offer a cannabis curriculum for Minnesotans interested in capitalizing on the cannabis industry. St. Cloud State University is set to provide innovative online certificate programs in cannabis education during the next autumn semester, marking a pioneering initiative in the state of Minnesota.

St. Cloud State’s decision to offer a cannabis education program is a direct response to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota. The objective is to provide novel programs on a bimonthly basis, enabling anyone to participate at their convenience.

The cost of the SCSU cannabis education program is $2,950 and is open to anyone over 18. The SCSU cannabis education program, which is starting this month, will offer four fields of study.

It is very important to note that this does not provide academic credit!

Four Academic Fields Will Be Available To Study

The four areas of focus included in this study are Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture, Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management, the Business of Cannabis, and Cannabis Healthcare & Medicine. The duration of each certificate program is six months, and the learning style used is solely online, enabling students to independently progress at their own speed on a weekly basis.

SCSU Cannabis Education Program Partners With Green Flower

The Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) division at SCSU has established a partnership with Green Flower, a cannabis education startup located in California, to facilitate the delivery of educational material. These non-credit certificate programs are accessible to anyone aged 18 and above.

SCSU Cannabis Education courses will provide absolutely no academic credit.

According to President Robbyn Wacker of SCSU, the cannabis business is seeing an exceptional pace of growth, resulting in an increased need for those with specialized skills. “Our endeavor is to meet workforce demand to provide educated professionals in this quickly evolving industry,” she states.

SCSU Cannabis Education Program Begins This Month

The commencement dates for the SCSU cannabis education programs are September 11th and November 6th.

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