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Spannabis Strong-Arms Exhibitors, Forcing Them To Attend Despite Coronavirus

We have some new updates on the global concerns revolving around Spannabis. First, we heard Spannabis called Coronavirus, “fake news. Now we’re hearing more injustices, this time expressed by exhibitors of the festival.

Founder of United States based seed company Ethos Genetics, Colin Gordon, states, “Spannabis said if we cancel they won’t let us come next year. They didn’t get event insurance”. Spannabis is using unjust measures to force exhibitors into attending this years event. If any exhibitor decides that the health of their employees is more important than a 3 day trade show, they will not be aloud to attend next year. This screams injustice!

Yesterday Spain saw another casualty due the Coronavirus outbreak, just 58 kilometres Northwest of Barcelona. This brings the death toll up to 10 across Spain.

The clarity is starting to show as days pass. Could they have simply not gotten good event insurance? Is Coronavirus really just “fake news”? Or is it that they simply do not care about the wellness of 30,000 patrons? We’re not sure the reasons behind the decision. However, we do know that these practices are completely unjust. No ends justify the means, especially not in this case!

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