Espresso.8.July.8 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Squashing Hash Into Rosin at Coffeeshop Espresso

On 8th July, invited us to Coffeeshop Espresso in Mijdrecht to find out which hash yields the highest rosin! For this research project, we worked with 8 different hashes. We used 25u bags by Lake Effect Extracts. The first round of pressing was Temple Ball, Somango, & Lemon Skunk. After the first round, we served up a bunch of dabs to everyone in the coffeeshop! Once everyone was properly medicated, we then pressed Chem Dawg, Tropicana, Super Pollen, Casablanca, & Champagne.

Coffeeshop Espresso Social Media Manager, Cecil, Scraps Dabs of Hash Rosin

The highest yield was Temple Ball, yielding 1 gram from 2.5 grams. Chem Dawg was 2nd in yield, with a .92 gram yield. My personal favorite was Lemon Skunk, which yielded .74 gram. The yield wasn’t as high as some of the others, but the flavor profile absolutely divine. The flavor was very zesty, clearly high in limonene. I would suggest this strain to anyone who could benefit from stress relief.

Freshly Pressed Lemon Skunk Hashish Rosin at Coffeeshop Espresso