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Fastest Auto Flowering Genetics

Fastest Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds To Grow At Home

Looking for the fastest flowering genetics? These new auto flowering cannabis strains not only produce a harvest fast, they also pack intense power, in both terpene and potency!

Fast Buds have always been some of the most exotic auto flowering strains on the market. With award winning auto-flowering genetics such as Forbidden Runtz, Gorilla Cookies, and Star Dawg, Fast Buds has already established a strong name in the market.

Now, FastBuds has changed the game, offering a new line of genetics that can be harvested as early as 2 weeks quicker than previously! These “Fast Flowering” auto-flowering cannabis strains from Fast Buds are a must grab for your auto-flower grow.

If you are looking for high potency, yet quick flowering cannabis strains, you need to check out Fast Buds new cannabis lineage, “Fast Flowering“. The Fast Flowering line by Fast Buds includes quicker versions of their Purple Lemonade, Orange Sherbet, Wedding Cheesecake, award winning Gorilla Cookies, and GG4 Sherbet. Their newly added Tropicana Cookies from last year was also re-released with a Fast Flowering version.


Containing 6 exotic cultivars, Fast Buds new “Fast Flowering” auto flower cannabis line is out now. You can purchase seeds starting at just €13 per seed! Of course, if you want to buy more than 1, you can get great deals, and pay as low as €3.4 a seed!

Do not sleep on the Fast Flowering cannabis line from Fast Buds genetics.

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