Amsterdam's Top 20 Most Popular Cannabis Strains 2020

Amsterdam’s Top 20 Most Popular Cannabis Strains of 2020

Amsterdam’s Top 20 most popular cannabis strains of 2020 are here. Here I evaluate 2020’s best selling and high demand marijuana cultivars in Amsterdam. 

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Amnesia Haze Potency Test @ Voyagers (Amsterdam) w/ Purpl Pro (VIDEO) – AudioKush August 12, 2022 - 6:19 AM

[…] This Amnesia Haze flower has been analyzed at 22% total THC. Amnesia Haze, originally created by award-winning breeder Soma, is a staple here in Amsterdam, as well as the entire country of the Netherlands. This sativa dominant cultivar boasts a fresh lemony / citrus aroma. Amnesia Haze landed on our Amsterdam’s 20 Most Popular Strains 2020 list at number 2! You can check out the full list here. […]

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