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Which coffeeshop in Amsterdam offers the best outdoor terrace?

10 Coffeeshop Terraces In Amsterdam You Must Visit (2021)

Which coffeeshop in Amsterdam offers the best outdoor terrace?

Here, we discuss 10 coffeeshop terraces you must visit in 2021! We will go over different outdoor seating arrangements offered at different coffeeshops around various regions of Amsterdam, including the canal belt, nightlife district, Noord, and more.

1: Coffeeshop The Bushdocter

Coffeeshop The Bushdocter has one of the largest outdoor terraces in Amsterdam Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal belt district, The Bushdocter’s terrace is regularly enjoyed by both tourists and locals, all-year-round. Amsterdam is known for its perception, so having the ability to enjoy a smoke sesh outdoor, while being covered from rain, hail, and even snow (yes it snows in April ocassionally), is fantastic. You don’t have to worry about the harsh weather while on The Bushdocter’s patio, due to several large patio umbrellas. It is good to note that this terrace is also covered by large trees, so you don’t have to worry about burning up on a hot summer day.

2: Coffeeshop Easy Times

Coffeeshop Easy Times is located along the beautiful Princengraght (translated to Prince’s Canal in English). If you want to get an authentic Amsterdam experience, then you can’t miss Easy Times. Located in one of the most scenic ares of Amsterdam, you can watch boaters pass by the Princengracht, while enjoying a sesh. From exotic imports and premium pre-rolled joints, to the aromatic Kosher Kush and quality classic cultivars, Easy Times delivers some of the best coffeeshop products in the city.

3: Coffeeshop Katsu

Located in the De Pijp district of Amsterdam, just outside the central rings, Katsu offers ample outdoor seating to enjoy your coffeeshop purchases. Coffeeshop Katsu is located just off of Albert Cuypmarkt, Amsterdams 7-day a week market full of fresh produce and a diverse selection of food options.

4: The Bulldog Palace & The Bulldog The First

Coffeeshop Bulldog Palace, also known as Ex-Police Station, is located on the Leidseplein, in the middle of Amsterdam’s nightlife district. The building is actually the former site of Amsterdam police bureau 14, hence the name Ex-Police Station. At the Bulldog Palace, you will find a coffeeshop, souvenir shop, bar, & restaurant, all inside, one large building. Outside, you will find what might be the biggest smoke-friendly terrace in Amsterdam. Here, you can eat a sandwich or english breakfast, after smoking weed legally, outside on one of Amsterdam’s busiest streets. Or perhaps, wash down that cotton mouth with a smoothie or milkshake.

Coffeeshop The Bulldog The First couldn’t be kept off this list. I know this technically makes the list have 11 coffeeshops, however with it being under the same brand name, I felt I could make a minor exception! And by no means is this a small exception. The Bulldog The First is exactly just that the very first coffeeshop to operate selling marijuana in Amsterdam. Located on Oudezijds Voorburgwal, in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, The Bulldog The First offers what might be the most picturesque outdoor patio in all of Amsterdam. The terrace is situated directly along the canal, providing some of the best views you can experience while sitting at an Amsterdam coffeeshop.

5: La Tertulia

Another coffeeshop located along Amsterdam’s picturesque Prisengracht is La Tertulia. Known for their organic beverages and edibles, La Tertulia strives to provide quality, with health in mind. Outside, Coffeeshop La Tertulia offers a few tables along the side of the building. However, seating on La Tertulia’s outdoor terrace is rather limited.

6: Coffeeshop Smokey

Just around the corner from Coffeeshop The Bushdocter is the tourist hot-spot, Coffeeshop Smokey. Located beneath Rembrandt Hotel, Coffeeshop Smokey cannot be missed, lit up bright with their big, neon signs. Coffeeshop offers a decent amount of outdoor seating, right in the middle of Amsterdam’s Rembrandt Square.

7: Coffeeshop Abraxas

The outdoor terrace seating arrangements offered at Coffeeshop Abraxas may be the most unique in Amsterdam. Abraxas makes proper usage of very limited space outside their shop, along an alleyway. A tabletop is tightly tucked beneath the windowsills, which also gets utilized with tea light candles and as space for your beverages. Wooden stools are used for seats, which are placed under the tabletop.

Coffeeshop Abraxas Alley Outdoor Terrace

8: Coffeeshop Rusland

Coffeeshop Rusland prides themself on being the first licensed coffeeshop. Rusland has a small, but scenic outdoor terrace. Expect some wait time if you wish to sit outside on this Amsterdam coffeeshop terrace.

9: Coffeeshop New Times

Coffeeshop New Times in Amsterdam offers a decent amount of outdoor seating on their terrace. It may not be the largest in Amsterdam, but it does provide a very comfortable atmosphere. At night, the terrace is illuminated with neon purple lights and candles are lit on each table top.

10: Coffeeshop Rockland

Coffeeshop Rockland offers covered outdoor seating near Dam Sqaure in Amsterdam. Right in the bustling city centre, Rockland’s coffeeshop terrace offers a great view of Amsterdam, along Raadhuisstraat. Here you can watch trams, people, and of course a plethora of bikes pass by Raadhuisstraat. Or if you look towards Singel, you can watch as boats go down the canal.

Bonus: Coffeeshop Atlas

Coffeeshop Atlas is located quaintly in the middle of a neighborhood, in the northern most region of Amsterdam Noord. I wouldn’t call this an outdoor terrace, per say. However, there is ample space to enjoy a sesh, right outside the coffeeshop. Not only is there space to chill, you can get your cardio on at the outdoor gym, which is located right outside Coffeeshop Atlas’ entrance.

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