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Amsterdam coffeeshop chain Best Friends begins construction of new cannacenter in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Best Friends Starts Building A New Coffeeshop In Amsterdam Zuidoost

Monday, 3 May, 2021 marks the official start with the construction of a brand new coffeeshop in Amsterdam- Cannacentre Best Friends Zuidoost.

It’s not every day that you learn of a new coffeeshop opening in Amsterdam. According to existing laws, new licenses are rarely given. In most cases, an old license must be purchased. This is what happened when Strain Hunters opened up at the former site of 420 Coffeeshop.

Yesterday, Amsterdam coffeeshop chain, Best Friends, began the construction on a new Cannacenter in Amsterdam Zuidoost. As per plans, the municipality of Amsterdam is attempting to relocate more coffeeshops outside the city center. Coffeeshop Best Friends Center will be relocated to Zuidoost at the end of the year. After 2-years, the municipality will evaluate the move, and decide wether the coffeeshop shall remain.

Currently, Amsterdam’s Zuidoost neighborhood only has one coffeeshop, located just beneath Biljmer Arena station: Coffeeshop Roots. As the Zuidoost area grows in population, Roots has become more crowded over the years. For this reason, the municipality decided to move Coffeeshop Best Friends Center further south in Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Roots now will have a direct neighborhood competitor for the very first time.

Best Friends currently operates 3 coffeeshops across Amsterdam; Centrum, Oud Zuid, and Oost. Amsterdam coffeeshop Cannacenter Best Friends plans to relocate their Central location to Zuidoost by the end of 2021.

We’ll see you there!

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