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2021 Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards (RECAP)

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards wrapped up 2021 with a tripartite competition identifying the Netherlands’ best cannabis products.

The inaugural edition of The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards included three competitions, each identifying and showcasing outstanding individuals and cannabis products in the Netherlands. Traditional judging by a panel of 20 industry professionals in the categories of Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Hybrid Flower, Hash, Edible, Extract, Pre-roll, CBD product, and Cannabis Industry Game was accompanied this year by a community-wide People’s Choice competition as well as The High Squish Cup, a solventless rosin pressing contest.


The 2021 Amsterdam Coffeeshop People’s Choice Awards were 100% community-determined accolades, awarded after the community nominated and then voted for their favorite cannabis industry businesses and leaders across 18 categories. 

The People’s Choice awards acknowledged many diverse aspects of Amsterdam’s cannabis industry from “Coffeeshop With The Most Knowledgable Staff” (Boerejongens Coffeeshops) and “Best Coffeeshop Lounge” (Coffeeshop Amsterdam) to “Best Coffeeshop Art Installation” (“Space Bike” by Flower Bike Man at Coffeeshop Original Dampkring) and “Best Coffeeshop Snack” (Nachos & Cheese, Coffeeshop Prix ‘ D Ami).

SupMedi took home the 2021 award for best CBD product while a collaboration by Amsterdam Genetics and rolling paper tycoon, Mascotte took home the prize for the crowd’s favorite rolling paper.

Dutch journalist, Peter R. de Vries was awarded the 2021 lifetime achievement award. De Vries was murdered in Amsterdam in July of 2021, where he worked tirelessly to bring attention to unsolved crimes and speak against violations of human rights including human trafficking and the importance of cannabis decriminalization, destigmitization, and legalization.



Rosin pressing is a solventless method of extraction, growing in popularity due to its ease of creation and lack of potentially dangerous solvents. The High Squish Cup was a live rosin pressing competition that took place as a part of the 2021 Amsterdam Coffeeshp Awards. Flower and hashish saples were pressed using a rosin press and teir percent yieds subsewuetly calcultaed, The has and flowers with the highest percent yield were the winners of the high Squish Cup. 2021 winners were awarded a custom-made glass rig designed by glass artist Aaron Brown, specifically for the High Squish Cup.


The 2021 awards show was hosted virtually due to ongoing pandemic restrictions. Hosted by Coffeeshop Conversations, the show streamed live from Zamalia Experience in Amsterdam. Awards were there after delivered across the Netherlands to the 2021 winners and many of which can now be seen on display at you favorite coffeeshop!


Best Edible

1ST Macaroon, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse
2ND Cherry Bomb, Amsterdam Genetics
3RD Apple Spice Cake, Amsterdam Genetics

Best Sativa Flower
1ST Lemon Haze, Coffeeshop Blue Sea
2ND Amazing Haze, Coffeeshop The Dolphins
3RD Tropical Fruit Punch, Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

Best Indica Flower
1ST Purple Shoreline, Coffeeshop Blue Sea
2ND Kosher Kush, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse
3RD Grape Ape, Boerejongens Coffeeshops

Best Hybrid Flower
1ST Cereal Milk, Coffeeshop Family First
2ND Orangesse, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse
3RD Chocolato, Boerejongens Coffeeshops

Best Hash
1ST GDP, Coffeeshop Blue Sea 
2ND Nepal, Coffeeshop The Dolphins 
3RD Bubba Kush, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse 

Best Extract
1ST SSH Dry Ice, Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Banana Royaal Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin, Coffeeshop Family First
3RD Orange Pound Cake Sauce, Lake Effect Extracts

Best Pre-Roll
1ST Pure Sativa, Coffeeshop Happy Days 
2ND Jack Herer, Coffeeshop The Dolphins 
3RD Hemp Paper 1:1, Lake Effect Extracts 

Best CBD Product
1ST CBD Truffle, Goldfish Amsterdam
2ND Lemongrass Oil, Goldfish Amsterdam
3RD SupMedi CBD Chocolate, Amsterdam Genetics

High Squish Cup (Flower)
1ST Amazing Haze, Coffeeshop The Dolphins
2ND Ice Cream Cake, Coffeeshop Happy Feelings
3RD Lemon Haze, Coffeeshop Blue Sea

High Squish Cup (Hash)
1ST GDP, Coffeeshop Blue Sea
2ND Hija Ketema, Boerejongens Coffeeshops
3RD Bubba Kush, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

2021 People’s Choice Award Award Winners

Coffeeshop Of The Year 2021
1ST Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Coffeeshops 1e Hulp

Best Coffeeshop Lounge 2021
1ST Coffeeshop Amsterdam
2ND Coffeeshop Prix ‘d Ami

Best Coffeeshop Flower Menu 2021
1ST Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Coffeeshop 1e Hulp

Best Coffeeshop Hash Menu 2021
1ST Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Coffeeshop Terps Army

Best Coffeeshop Extract Menu
1ST Coffeeshop Family First
2ND Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

Best Coffeeshop Edible Menu
1ST Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

Best Coffeeshop Beverage 2021
1ST Banana Smoothie, Coffeeshop Amsterdam
2ND Chocomel, a Dutch classic

Best Coffeeshop Snack 2021
1ST Nachos & Cheese, Coffeeshop Prix ‘ D Ami
2ND English Breakfast, Coffeeshop Greenhouse United

Coffeeshop With The Most Knowledgeable Staff 2021
1ST Boerejongens Coffeeshops
2ND Coffeeshop Bagheera

Most Eco-friendly Coffeeshop 2021
1ST Boerejongens CoffeeshopS
2ND Coffeeshop Siberie

Best Coffeeshop Art Gallery / Expo / Mural 2021
“Space Bike” by Flower Bike Man at Coffeeshop Original Dampkring

Budtender Of The Year 2021
Vinny, Boerejongens Sloterdijk

Coffeeshop Barista Of The Year 2021
Hanna, New Times

Cannabis Industry Social Media Influencer Of The Year 2021
Dutch Grower

Cannabis Industry Photographer Of The Year

Best Rolling Papers 2021
Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte Collaboration

Best CBD Brand 2021
Supmedi CBD

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter R. De Vries


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