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Dutch Coffeeshops Close, Only Take-Away Cannabis Offered

The Netherlands enters another hard lockdown, this time in response to a new (fifth) coronavirus wave. According to reports, the omikron variety of Coronavirus is rampant and will continue to spread during the Holiday season and into the new year. “Locked again,” Prime Minister Marc Rutte begins Saturday evening’s news conference, with a dismal mentality.  The next lockdown will begin at 5 a.m. tomorrow and will last until January 14. 

The Dutch government has heeded the advice of the health council in order to tackle the dangerous epidemic. Beginning tomorrow, the whole nation will be placed under strict lockdown.

All businesses that are not absolutely necessary will be closed. Catering establishments will be open just for takeout orders. Yes, this includes the iconic cannabis coffeeshops in the Netherlands. Cannabis may still be bought for takeaway. No smoking will be permitted on-site, and “No Rolling” signs will be prominently displayed, as they were last year during the lockdown measures. 

These are undoubtedly trying times. However, this is the ideal moment to awaken your green thumb! Grow cannabis flowers from seed to harvest in only three months with auto-flowering types, or spend a few more months discovering the marvels of photoperiod varieties, which often yield more!

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