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26-Year-Old Invents New Grinder With Simple Hack

26-Year-Old Invents New Grinder With Simple Hack

Zachary McCreedy loves cannabis. The 26 year old from Norfolk, Virginia has a history of creating outrageous party accessories ranging from glow in the dark table tennis to giant bongs. When he created the ZAM Grinder, a compact metal device, only 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) in diameter, McCreedy hoped to reach a larger market by improving upon a product which millions of people rely upon daily.

McCreedy’s business ventures began when he developed a website about table tennis when he was in college, which quickly grew in popularity, enabling the young entrepreneur to expand into other endeavors, leading McCreedy to the creation of the ZAM Grinder.

“We create new cannabis products based on a society where recreational use of cannabis is the norm. Our flagship product, the ZAM grinder, is a redesign of the classic hockey-puck shaped cannabis grinder into a more elegant, portable version better suited for the increasingly popular portable smoking devices a modern cannabis consumer now uses. The product is a modular, portable grinder with a smell proof, air-tight, water-tight compartment at the top for avb/concentrate storage” the company said in a statement.

The ZAM is a small (1.1 x 3.8 inch ) aluminum grinder, featuring long teeth and a magnetic outer rim. McCreedy opted for the magnetic outer rim, which ensures that the device remains closed during transport, but avoids he issue of product becoming stuck in the center of the device, an issue common with magnetic herb grinders.

“A new grinder designed for active cannabis consumers,” the ZAM can be customized with different modular sections and even includes a Portable “de-bowler” and removable kief catcher to address all smoking needs. 

ZAM Grinder Specifications:

  1.  CNC’d from solid block of aluminum 6063.
  2.  Manufactured in China
  3.  Anodized to prevent scratches/surface wear
  4.  100 micron stainless steel screen
  5.  PTFE O-ring for smooth turning
  6.  Optional PTFE lining/de-bowler
  7.  Ultrasonically cleansed to remove leftover unwanted manufacturing contaminants.
  8.  Parts are manufactured in China then assembled in the United States
  9.  Full 6 month warranty. Limited lifetime warranty. 

The ZAM grinder has currently sold out, but the website claims the product will be back in stock soon. We here at Audio Kush are looking forward to seeing what is next for ZAM! 

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