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Instantly test your cannabis flower with Purpl Pro's potency analysis capabilities

Product Demo: Purpl Pro – Mobile Cannabis Potency Testing

Product Demo: Purpl Pro – Instant Mobile Cannabis Potency Testing

Purpl Pro is a mobile microlab by Purpl Scientific that provides instant cannabis potency measurement. Instantly test your cannabis flower with Purpl Pro’s potency analysis capabilities. Purpl Pro is perfect for coffeeshops, social clubs, dispensaries, homegrowers, events & expos, and more.

Purpl Pro’s instant, mobile cannabis potency testing device is available in Europe exclusively through Delta 9 Analytics. 

• Load your flower sample in the grinder
• Grind the flower using SLX titanium grinder
• Funnel the flower down into the chamber
• Close the lid
• Click Measure Now
• Wait for Purpl Pro to finish analysing data
• Just like that, you receive the THC & CBD analysis
• Now enter the strain name and notes
• Remember, different parts of the bud may contain different cannabinoid levels
• It is ideal to do at least 2 tests for a more precise analysis
• Repeat the steps to gather thorough data
• You can now smoke the already broken up flower

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For this Purpl Pro product demo, we sampled Dread Haze flower from Coffeeshop Dreadlock & Jetset in Nijmegen. 

Coffeeshop Dreadlock & Jetset is located at Vlaamsegas 9-15, 6511HP in Nijmegen, Netherlands. 

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