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Featured Image - 5 tips to enhance your autoflower grow

5 Tips To Enhance Your Autoflower Cannabis Grow

Previously, the autoflower plant was one that was overlooked. Autoflowering cannabis breeders have spent the last several decades refining the cannabis plant.  Now, a plethora of great autoflowering cannabis varieties are available.

With ongoing global legalization policy changes the demand to home-grow has become bigger than ever. When to harvest your autoflowering plants, whether they’re growing in a greenhouse or out in the open, is a topic we’ve already covered. These are our five best practices for cultivating autoflowering cannabis strains.

5 Top tips when growing an autoflower Cannabis plant

Top Tip #1 – It is a good idea to plant autoflowering Cannabis seeds into a large-sized plastic or felt pot. Oftentimes, the bigger the pot means a much larger plant, resulting in bigger yields. Avoid repotting autos and allow them to get as much direct light as possible.

Top Tip #2 – If you live in a part of the world that experiences colder climates, with shorter Summers, then you will find planting from June until September will produce the very best results. 

Top Tip #3 – Fast flowering autoflowering cultivars are an excellent way to grow top shelf buds, without worrying about mold or mildew affecting the plants, when planting indoors or outdoors.

Top Tip #4 – When growing autoflowering Cannabis indoors, make sure that during the final 4 weeks there is plenty of fresh air around the plants. It is also essential that the relative humidity levels are below 40% to avoid pathogens and disease. 

Top Tip #5 – Autoflowering plants can stay short, and keep a low profile. A wonderful asset to a sunny balcony, private terrace, greenhouse, or homemade polytunnel. 

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