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5 Ways People Are Using CBD

Many CBD products are being used to help enhance people’s lives in various areas. CBD may seem like a miracle cure-all to those who use it. If you haven’t used CBD products before, though, you might be wondering what you can really use it for. Check out some of the top ways people who love CBD are using it to improve their lives. 



One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to get your dose of CBD is using edibles. You can find gummies, candies, chocolates, and other wonderful ways of eating your CBD through different products. There are options available whether you want to simply take your CBD in edible form or you want to mask it with something else. 

Many CBD products are made to suit the needs of different diets. You can find flavorful options that are made for people who do not eat sugar, vegans, and other special dietary needs. With a variety of different options available, you can choose a product that works for your needs without sacrificing your way of eating.

Gummies, which are the most common edible option, are made for people who want a sweet treat. They typically do contain sugar and may have ingredients that are not vegan.


Tinctures and sublinguals were the original options available for people who wanted to use CBD. With these methods, you can directly ingest the CBD without a need for other products to mask it. While they typically do contain some type of flavor, they do not have any other additives in them that could disrupt the efficacy of the CBD products. Tinctures can also be mixed with other products on your own to make them easier to use.

Sublinguals are similar to tinctures, but they are meant for use under the tongue. You can put the recommended dose under your tongue to get the benefits that come from CBD. People who want to feel the effects of their CBD products immediately may receive a bigger benefit from sublinguals. 

Many sublingual options are not flavored with anything. Since they go right under your tongue and are immediately absorbed by the body, they do not typically have time to impact your tastebuds. Some have light flavoring that creates a pleasant taste in your mouth. 



Many people choose to vape their CBD. They do this in combination with other vape products, like nicotine and cannabis. Some people simply like the effects they get from vaping CBD on its own. With vaping, you may get the effects faster than you would with edibles. Vaping is not as fast as sublingual CBD products, but it can be just as effective. 

There are specific mixtures of CBD that are intended for use with vapes. They are already pre-mixed and you can add them to your vaping system to enjoy the effects of CBD. You may also want to mix your own vape products. This can be achieved by using an e-juice designed for your vape rig combined with CBD oil. You may also put additional products into your CBD vape product to make it taste better or provide additional benefits.


If you want a steady stream of CBD, patches are a great option! You can set a patch and forget about it until you’re ready for a new one. The patches allow CBD products to be released without you having to worry about taking the products regularly. 

If you rely on CBD to help you prevent seizures or you need it for chronic pain management, the patches can be very beneficial. Patches can help you avoid constantly taking CBD throughout the day and may be able to reduce the number of times you have to vape or use edibles.

Finding a patch that works for your needs and is able to provide comfort can be helpful. Make sure you find one with a dosage and concentration that works for you. 



If you have a lot of pain in your muscles or joints, a topical CBD application may be able to help. CBD products are also great for athletes after they’ve had a particularly grueling session. With topical products, you can simply apply them and enjoy the benefits that come from them. 


Lotions and creams are among the easiest topical products to use. Since the CBD is already mixed into the lotion or cream, you won’t have to worry about it making a mess or being difficult to apply.

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