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10 years of G Pen & grenco science

A Decade Of Collaborations
With G Pen

Ten years of innovation in cannabis vaporization for customers was commemorated in February 2022 by the G Pen and its parent firm, Grenco Science.

Over the course of the previous decade, the consumable vape brand known as G Pen has been involved in a number of strategic partnerships. In honor of G Pen’s 10-year anniversary, we would like to take a look at some of their most recent products and collaborations, as well as showcase some of their most impressive achievements over the last decade. 

Grenco Science, the pioneers of the cannabis concentrate vape device G Pen, marked its 10th anniversary in February. Grenco Science has, and will continue to, establish a new standard for new vape manufacturers throughout the course of the last decade by means of detailed engineering and strategic alliances.

Grenco Science’s CEO Chris Folkerts says in a press release, “incorporating the feedback from the community we have built since inception ensures we continue to enhance our product line for the best experience.”

Celebrating 10 Years Of G Pen (Grenco Science), the consumer vaporizer brand has witnessed a wide collection of partnerships, some of which include Zeds Dead, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Cookies, and Burton Snowboards, to mention a few. We thought that it would be fitting to recognize some of Grenco Science’s most noteworthy collaborations with other businesses. 

A Decade’s Worth Of Collaborations With G Pen

In 2012, G Pen made its debut with two different products: the classic G Pen and the Micro G. The Micro G was a favorite of mine back then. Its portability was brilliant. If you saw me DJ between the years 2012 and 2015, you probably saw me ripping on a Micro G while I was behind the decks.

That same year, when Grenco Science introduced the G Pen, the company quickly began working with renowned figures in a variety of fields to market their unique products. Rapper Action Bronson was the first celebrity figure they worked with throughout their extensive list of partnerships.

After just a single year on the market, the G Pen quickly became one of the most talked-about electronic dab pens available. G Pen saw a variety collaborations with major artists across various music genres including dubstep producers from Toronto, Zeds Dead, and rappers Snoop Dogg & The Game. 

Not long after, Grenco Science teamed up with other notable figures including Taylor Gang, DKG, and skateboarder Rastaclat, as well as motor rally Gumball 3000 and heavy metal event Mayhem to release a range of custom branded G Pen products. 

Throughout the years, G Pen has been known to collaborate with some of the biggest names across different urban culture industries, putting them as one of the go-to brands for vaporizing cannabis and extracts. In 2014 and 2015, Grenco Science teamed up with award winning snowboard brand Burton for their US Open competitions. 

In recent years, G Pen has partnered with cannabis industry heavyweights including Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb, and Lemonade. The G Pen Dash Vaporizer, Connect, and Roam are all represented in these joint ventures.

10 Years Later, G Pen Elite II Vape Is Introduced

This year, G Pen celebrated its tenth anniversary. G Pen marked the occasion by launching the highly anticipated G Pen Elite II Vape, an updated version of its Elite dry herb vape, as well as new Elite II accessories.

G Pen Elite II Dry Herb Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer’s clean air intake system is cutting edge, resulting in a hit that is just as pure and smooth as the device’s name suggests.

Another user-focused innovation is the dual-heating system, which utilizes both convection and conduction heating methods. This system enables the user to experience the entire range of tastes and effects that may be created from the strain of cannabis that they have chosen. If you consider yourself a cannabis aficionado or sommelier, the Elite II is the vape for you.

You Can Try G Pen Yourself This Summer In Amsterdam

If you happen to find yourself in Amsterdam this summer, you can have an opportunity to demo G Pen’s Connect vaporizer at one of our Squish The Summer High workshops. This device is designed to work as a portable e-nail that can be affixed to your favorite bong, water pipe, or dab rig.

The G Pen Connect offers a new alternative to traditional methods of consuming concentrates, requiring just five seconds to reach the desired temperature after being activated. 

The G Pen Connect makes it simple to vape cannabis concentrates on the move without having to travel around with a torch lighter. All you have to do to use the G Pen Connect electronic dab nail is attach it to your preferred 14mm bong, and you’re ready to dab! 

A Big Congratulations Goes Out To G Pen

In 2022, G Pen and its parent company, Grenco Science, are celebrating  10 years of advancing cannabis vaporization for our consumers. Over the past decade, Grenco Science has collaborated with a wide variety of influential figures in music and pop culture over the course of the last ten years to offer you a wide variety of customized G Pen vaporizers and products. We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to G Pen on reaching this important milestone and extend our best wishes for continued success in the many years to come.

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