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mayor femka halesma wants to ban tourists 2022 amsterdam coffeeshops

Amsterdam Mayor Femke: Propaganda To Ban Tourists From Coffeeshops

The infamous cannabis killer of Amsterdam, Mayor Femke Halsema, is at it again, attempting to prohibit tourists from coffeeshops in the Dutch capital. This is in preparation for a discussion on Wednesday, June 29 that will address the rising crime situation in Amsterdam.

Halsema was overheard spewing propaganda over the weekend, saying that coffeeshops are utilized for large-scale money laundering and must be prevented at all costs. Even if doing so decreases the economic worth of Amsterdam. “Coffeeshops are often seen as glorified coke dealers,” the mayor rashly adds.

I am uncertain about her, but I am certain that on the streets of Amsterdam there are several cocaine sellers who also sell marijuana. In the past, we have tested street-level cannabis products and discovered an excessive proportion of CBD flower and hash being sold as THC.

It appears that every year Femke is back at it, yelling out propaganda messages in the hope that someone would hear her. Just a year ago, Halsema sought to prohibit tourists from entering coffeeshops, but lacked parliamentary backing.

Mayor Femke Sounding Like A Childs Tale

This is beginning to resemble the tale of the child who cried wolf. If you don’t know, allow me to summarize it for you. A youngster repeatedly screamed wolf, and each time someone rushed to aid, there was nothing there. The kid eventually cried wolf one day, and a wolf was there. Unfortunately, no one appeared concerned by the kid’s screams at that time, and the child was no more. 

Halsema’s Plans Have Gained Little Support

Halsema’s primary objective, to totally shut down Amsterdam’s cannabis coffeeshops, gained little traction. She has acknowledged that shutting coffeeshops that conduct criminal activity would be too time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, she seeks the next best solution: prohibiting tourists from entering coffee shops. Her belief is that excluding tourists from coffeeshops would decrease the market enough to minimize any criminal opportunities.

Prohibiting non-residents from entering coffeeshops will just drive them to street dealers, hence significantly expanding criminal possibilities! But based on a recent police study, Halsema believes that the ban of tourists at Amsterdam coffeeshops “inevitable.”

Tourists Will Still Come To Amsterdam

I’m sure you were offered illicit substances on the street. A significant fraction of these heavy drug traffickers also distribute cannabis. If coffeeshops are required to allow only Dutch residents inside, then tourists will be forced to turn to street dealers. Stopping the legal sale to tourists won’t ban cannabis-friendly tourists from coming to Amsterdam. 

Pictured here is a coffeeshop closed in Amsterdam during business hours with a blacked out sign.

No Consumption Lounges For Tourists

Femke wants to exclude non-residents from secure access to cannabis and safe consumption areas, compelling them to purchase from strangers, some of whom are the drug traffickers she is referring to. The plan of Femke is bound to failure; there is no potential positive outcome.  Perhaps something else is occurring that we are unaware of. I will not make harsh assertions like Femke, since doing so would bring me down to her level.

The Amsterdam city council is scheduled to discuss a measure that would prohibit non-residents from purchasing cannabis products from coffeeshops and using their on-site smoking lounges.  Femke persists in her propagandistic efforts despite having little backing. In reality, the rest of the nation opposes her callous actions, which would restrict tourists from obtaining access to a medical herb in a legal manner.

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