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Buddies Brand Xzibit Napalm Partnership

Buddies Brand Announces Partnership With Xzibit

Buddies Brand, Inc. announces a strategic partnership with hip hop artist and television personality Xzibit. An exclusive partnership between Xzibit’s Napalm cannabis brand and Buddies Brand Inc., a cannabis company with a large retail presence in California, Washington, and Oregon, has been unveiled.

Napalm cannabis products founder Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner said the company can now “further streamline and expedite product development, vertically integrate, and provide distribution to our retail partners at a much higher level” thanks to the alliance.

Hip-hop artist and actor Xzibit has also joined Buddies as Creative Director as part of the agreement. His extensive background will be put to good use in this new capacity as he contributes to product development and marketing. Buddies’ factory in Redding, California will be the sole source of production for all Napalm products, with NABIS handling sales and distribution.

According to BDSA, Buddies cannabis products are now rated #8 in the Nation for overall sales volume. The only states have access to Buddies products are California, Oregon, and Washington. Only in California may you buy Napalm cannabis products at this time. The partnership with Buddies is intended to result in widespread availability of Napalm across the country.

Buddies has been cultivating cannabis for 2 decades, with a presence in over a thousand retail locations, and Napalm hopes to achieve similar success. Xzibit claims that Buddies is a favorite among West Coast cannabis consumers. “This partnership of two powerhouse brands, plus NABIS for distribution, will take us to new heights and help expand Napalm into more markets,” Xzibit continues.

Byran Cochran, president of Buddies, explains how the collaboration with Xzibit and Napalm will bring out the best in both organizations. “We have worked very hard to build Buddies to become one of the most consistent, popular, and in-demand brands on the West Coast,” says Buddies president Cochran. “Alvin’s work ethic and his passion for cannabis and music is something we’re very excited about, and even more so when combined with our award-winning products, team, and strategic partners.”

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