Dutch Mayors Urge Government To Reopen Terraces April 2021

Amsterdam Mayor Urges Government To Reopen Outdoor Terraces, Immediately

Amsterdam Mayor Urges Government To Reopen Outdoor Terraces, Immediately

The mayor of Amsterdam urges the government, as she wants to reopen outdoor terraces, immediately. Mayor Halsema also wishes to see more green space reopen. According to Halsema, places like Artis Zoo and Hortus Botanical Garden should reopen as well. She firmly believes that additional outdoor space is a necessity to prevent public parks from overcrowding.

We previously announced that the terraces would reopen on March 31. However, on March 23, we heard that the curfew would be relaxed by one hour the following week, beginning at 10 p.m. rather than 9 p.m. There has been no follow-up discussion about the reopening of catering industry patios. Before now, that is. According to the mayor of Amsterdam’s latest appeals, reopening terraces is crucial.

The next press conference will not take place until 13 April. During this press conference the Dutch government will evaluate results of current measures, as well as potential new measures.

Mayor Helsema was forced to close Vondelpark this past Wednesday.

Overcrowded Outdoor Areas Shut Down

Dutch mayors have had a lot to contend with in recent days. Crowded parks where residents kept little or no space from one another caused complications. Because of the overcrowding, Mayor Helsema was forced to close Vondelpark on Wednesday. Two parks were also cleared on Tuesday in Utrecht.

Because of the large number of outdoor visitors to public spaces, Amsterdam’s mayor has asked the government to reopen its terraces. This was not the only time the mayor was forced to close outdoor areas. In the last few months, Amsterdam’s Mayor had to close several parks and beaches due to overwhelming traffic.

Other Dutch cities want terraces to reopen

Dutch mayors urge government to reopen outdoor terraces immediately.

Coffeeshops, restaurants, and cafés in the Netherlands have remained open for take-away only options since mid-October. The mayor of Amsterdam receives support from fellow mayors, as more requests to reopen outdoor terraces are made.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, endorses Amsterdam’s appeal to reopen the terraces as soon as possible. A spokesman of Rotterdam’s mayor tells Rijmond, “it’s no longer possible to explain people sitting on a rug with a bottle of rosé on the grass at Hotel New York”. Mayor Aboutaleb simply doesn’t understand how large groups can gather outside in large numbers, while the catering industry still cannot open terraces.

Clearly, this is becoming a problem that needs a quick assessment. Amsterdam’s mayor speaks on Dutch talk show Beau. “The crowds are there anyway, it can still be managed on the terraces.”

Will This Allow Coffeeshop Terraces To Reopen?

We can only expect that the government will take these pleas into consideration. And once restaurants and cafés in the Netherlands are permitted to reopen outdoor terraces, Coffeeshops with catering licenses can also reopen patios for on-site use.

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have a wide range of outdoor seating options. There are some awesome places you can purchase marijuana and legally toke up outside in Amsterdam. We’ve got you covered if you’re hunting for coffeeshops with outdoor seating. Check out our coffeeshop directory for a map or list of coffeeshops with outdoor terraces across the Netherlands.

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