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420 giveaways 2021 cover audiokush



420 is one of the biggest days of the year for the cannabis community. As the global cannabis legalization movement continues to grow, this day becomes more well-known around the globe. This year, many brands are celebrating the day with giveaways and free prizes as well as virtual events.

We have compiled a list of the best 420 giveaways from around the global cannabis industry!


→ AudioKush x The Bushdocter Coffeeshop 420 Giveaway

We have partnered with Coffeeshop Bushdocter in Amsterdam to offer an exciting giveaway just in time for 420!

One lucky contestant will bring home a 35cm straight-tube ROOR bong, a Coffeeshop Bushdocter hoodie and t-shirt, papers, tips, and stickers from around Amsterdam!

Giveaway is open to international participants ages 18+.

Enter to win.

→ Where’s Weed’s Ultimate 420 Giveaway

Where’s Weed is celebrating 420 with over $1,000 in prizes to give away.

One Platinum prize winner will receive a LEVO II infusion machine, a Stashlogix storage bundle, a selection of products from CBD Infusionz and Terpy J’s and swag from Where’s Weed – with an approximate total value of $1150.

One Gold prize winner will receive a Stashlogix prize bundle, products from CBD Infusionz and Terpy J’s, a LEVO cookbook and additional swag from Where’s Weed – with an approximate total value of $485.

Three Silver prize winners will receive a Stashlogix prize bundle, products from CBD Infusionz and Terpy J’s, gift cards from Letter Shoppe and some swag from Where’s Weed – with an approximate total value of $300.

Enter to win.

→ Royal Highness $20k Giveaway

To celebrate 420, Royal Highness is giving away over $20,000 in prizes. Prizes will include premium 900mah vape batteries, rolling trays, smell proof bags, and water pipes.

4 grand prize online winners will be selected on 420 at 420 PM PST. 500+ local winners will also be selected in the San Diego area.

Enter to win.

→ Growing Exposed $15k Giveaway

Growing Exposed is giving away over $15K in products to celebrate 100k YouTube subscribers.

Prizes include: Twister T4 Trimmer, Trolmaster Hawkeye, Bags of Royal Gold, Gift Pack of Optic Foliar, 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tent, Method Seven grow glasse, 4 Pot AutoPot, Baux Industries 5×5 Tent Setup with light fan and filter, Bubble Gen, Ona, Green Planet Nutrients Dual Fuel, Green Planet Nutrients GP3, Gallon of harvest miracle, 630 watt LED array Vanquish light, merchandise from Pacific Northwest Garden Supply, Green Planet Swag, 8 Geopots in any size you want, TNB bottle and refill of CO2, Guardian Fire Shield Automatic Fire Safety, Green Planet Nutrients Rezin, Green Planet Nutrients Massive Bloom Formulation, Green Planet Nutrients Terpinator, Green Planet Nutrients 1 Part Kits, Green Planet Nutrients 2 Part Kits, Green Planet Nutrients 3 Part Kits, Green Planet Nutrients 4 Part Kits, Green Planet Nutrients Back Country Blend Grow, Green Planet Nutrients Back Country Blend Bloom, Green Planet Nutrients Back Country Blend Boost, Green Planet Nutrients Medi One, Green Planet Nutrients Hydro Fuel, and more!

Enter to win.

→ $10k Delta 8 THC Moonrock Giveaway from Oregon Hemp Flower

300 winners will receive 3.5 grams of Delta-8 THC-soaked Moonrocks from Oregon Hemp Flower.

The final winners will be announced on May 1, 2021.

Enter to win.


SinCitySeeds & SinCityStyle’s 2nd Annual 4/20 Giveaway is a seed enthusiasts dream come true!

3 Grand Prize Winners will win a 100 strain Collector’s Box

2 Runner Up Winners will win a 15 strain White Nightmare Collector’s Box

No purchase required to enter.

International giveaway, open to ages 21+.

Giveaway ends on 420.

Enter to win.


WholesaleBud.CA is giving away a quarter pound to a lucky winner for 420 this year.

Ages 19+ to enter. Residents of Canada only.

Enter to win.

→ Cannumo’s 420 Giveaway

For those interested in crypto currency, Cannumo is giving away a variety of 420 prizes including a PlayStation 5 and 420 Canu crypto currency tokens.

Enter to win.

→ Win A Free Consultation From Canna Care Docs

Enter Canna Care Doc’s 420 sweepstakes for a chance to win a free consultation from a medical cannabis professional.

Enter to win.

→ Dime Bags’ 420 Giveaway

This 420, you can win a roundtrip flight to Denver, CO., which includes a 2-night stay and a meet and greet concert experience featuring the band Satsang. The winner will also receive limited edition merchandise from Dime Bags and other prizes.

→ Win a SoilQuality by iBebot

iBebot is giving away a SoilQuality this 420. This nifty device is sure to be a grower’s best friend.

Giveaway ends April 21, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ 420 Prize Packs from Invincibowl

Invincibowl, creators of the unbreakable bowlhead are giving away 2 prize packs in honor of Tuesday’s stoner holiday.

Prize 1:

-Fat Buddha Glass ElectroTWIST 12″ bong

-Reign InvinciBundle

-Bee-Nails Stinger Portable Vape

-BuzzBoxx by Nekktar

-Clixx SocialSmoking


Bundle prize estimated value = $300!

Prize 2:

-Custom Laser Engraved Oak and Walnut Rolling Tray

-Wakit Grinder KLR series

-Sundown InvinciBundle


Bundle Prize estimated value = $300!

Giveaway open to residents of USA & Canada, 21+.

Ends 420.

Enter to win.

→ Win A Purpl Pro With Delta 9 Analytics

Delta 9 Analytics is giving away a Purpl Pro mobile cannabis potency testing device this 420.

Giveaway open to those age 18+.

Giveaway ends on 420.

Enter to win.

→ KushFly’s 420 Giveaway, Win $1,000!

KushFly is giving away a $1,000 gift card in honor of 420 this year!

Giveaway open to ages 21+.

Enter to win.

→ Win a Grow Tent and Ventilation Kit from Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer is giving away a grow tent and two ventilation kits to three lucky winners.

Giveaway runs from April 8 – April 15, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ 420 Prizes From Top Tier Cannabis!

This 420, you can win one of 6 different prizes from Top Tier Cannabis.

1st Place: Black Fire Rig (Value $1199)

2nd Place: Top TIER Supreme Pack (Value $399)

3rd Place: 1 oz of Top Tier Quads

4th Place: 1 oz of Top Tier Trips

5th Place: 1 oz of Top Tier $100 Ounces

6th Place: Top Tier Welcome Pack

Enter to win.

→ 420 Genius Spin to Win Giveaway

Spin Genius Pipe’s “Wheel Of Karma” for a chance to win over $1,300+ in giveaways and a total of 420% off in discounts.

Enter to win.

→ Lumatek 420 Giveaway

Lumatek’s largest 420 giveaway features products by the professional lighting company.

Giveaway ends 11:59 PM on April 19, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Win a Volcano Vaporizer from The Cannabist Shop

The Cannabis Shop is giving away one Storz & Bickel Volcano flower vaporizer, valued at $750.

Winner announced on 420.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents, 19+.

Enter to win.

→ 420 Staycation Giveaway for 2 From DoTheBay

A lucky winner will receive a 2-Night Stay at Hotel Kabuki in the beautiful corner balcony “King Room” as well as a prize package from Session Goods, LitHouse, and SF Roots.

Giveaway to ages 21+.

Enter to win.

→ Marijuana South Africa’s 420 Giveaway

The South African seed bank is celebrating 420 with a giveaway!

Giveaway announced on 420.

Enter to win.

→ Plagron’s 4/20 Giveaway

Nutrient company Plagron’s 420 giveaway runs April 20, 2021 – April 21, 2021

Ages 18+.

Enter to win.

→ Win a Haygood Farms Gift Box

Chattanooga-based hemp farm, Haygood Farms is celebrating 420 by giving away a gift box containing their new product line, Haygood merchandise, and more.

Giveaway ends on 420 and is open to those ages 18+.

Enter to win.

→ Leafbuyer April Sweepstakes

Win a variety of 420 accessories and CBD products, curated by Leafbuyer.

Ages 21+. Winner selected May 1, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Cannessentials Delta-8 Giveaway

5 lucky winners will win Delta-8 prizes from Massachusetts Hemp brand, Canessentials.

Enter to win.

→ Hemp Vendor 420 Giveaway

The Hemp Vendor is offering a Delta-8 prize pack for the brand’s first ever 420 giveaway! Prizes include CBD chocolate, Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 prerolls, branded merchandise, and more.

Enter to win.

→ Win A Free E-Water Vaporizer from 420 Presents

Giveaway open to ages 18+.

Enter to win.

→ 420 Giveaway Prizes From Dip Devices

10 winners will receive prizes from Dip Devices including the Dipper, Dipwhip & Glass Rig, EVRI & Nectar Collector, and Little Dipper Prize packs.

The giveaway ends on 420 and is open to USA residents, 21+.

Enter to win.

→ Stoner Things 420 Giveaway Sponsored by Legal Smoke Shop

Stoner Things honors all things cannabis flower with this year’s 420 giveaway with prizes including glass bongs, doob tubes, honeycomb crutches, and chillums.

Giveaway open to USA residents, 21+.

Enter to win.

→ Win A Pass To The 3rd Annual Spliff Film Festival!

“The Spliff Film Festival is where filmmakers, artists, animators, and stoners share original film shorts that examine and/or celebrate cannabis and its liberating effects on our imaginations, appetites, libidos, and creative energies.”

Giveaway ends on April 24, 2021.

View the Festival lineup.

Enter to win.

→ Kush Station 420 Giveaway

Kush Station is giving away 2 PlayStation 5s and a lot of kush this 420!

1st Prize (1 winner): Playstation 5 (Standard Edition with 2 controllers)

2nd Prize (3 winners): 1 oz of AAAA flower and $100 value in Kush Points

3rd Prize (10 winners): $50 value in Kush Points

Giveaway runs from April 16, 2021 – April 22, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Pantry Food Co. 420 Giveaway

Infused food brand, Pantry Food Co. is giving away over $1,600 in prizes including a premium backpack, a reusable and sustainable water bottle, and Apple Airpods to “keep the journey fun and music-filled”!

Additional prizes include: Aiden & Coco gift card for aromatherapy products, Ducalm Skincare products, E1011 Labs gift card to online shop, Heaven of Joy gift card for home/personal products, Phiaton 900 Legacy Headphones, Whoa Dough plant-based bars, Yesterday CBD products.

Giveaway ends April 21, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Pacific Grass Co.

This 420, Pacific Grass Co. has partnered up with Ripped Edibles, Golden Monkey Extracts, and Eddy’s Edibles to give away prize packs to twenty lucky winners.

Giveaway open to USA residents.

Giveaway ends April 21, 2021

Enter to win.

→ SmokeTokes 420 Giveaway

SmokeTokes is celebrating 420 this year by offering up a free glass bong, rolling tray and papers, Koko Nuggz, Formula 420, and more to one lucky winner!

Giveaway ends April 21, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Cheech and Chong Bud Farm & Bud Farm Idle Tycoon

If you enjoy mobile gaming, this one is for you! The teams behind popular mobile games, Cheech and Chong Bud Farm and Bud Farm Idle Tycoon have partnered up to offer exclusive 420 giveaways and discounts all day on 420. Participants can win prizes from 2:20 AM PST and then every 20min after an hour. Prizes include gift vouchers for services including Netflix, the Playstation Store, and Disney+ and even a Nintendo Switch, a drone, and a Grand Prize iPhone 12 at 4:20 PM.

Enter to win.

→ Samba Seeds x Basement Chuckers April Seed Giveaway

Win 26 seeds from Samba Seeds x Basement Chuckers.

2 Winners will receive:
-10 ChemZulu F2 Regulars
-5 ThaiZulu Feminized (Unreleased)
-5 CheumZilla Feminized (Unreleased)
-3 Critical Samba Feminized
-3 Cookies and Cream Feminized

Winner announced after April 30, 2021.

Enter to win.

→ Kushy Dreams CBD Giveaway

Kushy Dreams is celebrating 420 with 5 days of giveaways!

Prizes include CBD prerolls and tins of ultra premium CBD flower.

Enter to win.

→ Free CBD From Bloom’s Canna Co.

28 grams of Bloom’s Canna Co. Caramello CBD can be yours for free this 420!

Enter to win.

→ Win A 420 Edible Pack From Sweet Escape Treats

Sweet Escape Treats will be selecting 2 winners who will each receive a pack of infused full spectrum CBD candies

Giveaway ends Apr 20th at 7:20 PM EST

Enter to win.

→ BONUS!! DutchFem x The Traveling Cannablogger 420 Giveaway

I am giving away a prize pack from DutchFem Seeds on my Instagram account, Zoe In The Jungle, The Traveling Cannablogger this 420! Enter to win 9 seeds of your choice from this Dutch Seed Bank as well as branded merchandise, plant tags, posters, and more!

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