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Prime Superior Nutrients Clone Seed Drench

Boost Your Grow Organically With Prime Superior Nutrients

Prime Superior nutrients are manufactured by LPC Naturals LLC, which is located in Williamsville, New York. LPC Naturals LLC is part of Lackawanna Products Corporation, a commodities trading firm founded in 1982 that offers a variety of agricultural products and logistics services. Of course, their recently developed Prime Superior assortment of agricultural products is among the most notable of these for cannabis growers. 

There are three components to the Prime Superior range of nutrients, which was developed to meet the needs for any cannabis grower: Clone, Seed, Drench. Prime Superior products are made using a naturally occurring symbiotic fungus called Beauveria bassiana, which provides a range of benefits. Any cannabis grower can boost their grow from the use of Prime Superior nutrients. They have been shown to boost your harvests yields, improve quality and cannabinoid content, and have even been proven to enhance plants terpene development.

Prime Superior Clone

Prime Superior Clone is an organic honey-based inoculation gel. It can be used alone or in conjunction with root inducing products such as rooting powders or cloning gels. As you take your cuttings simply dip the cut end of a new clone in the inoculation honey and the beneficial symbiosis will become established. With the use of a proper propagation chamber, new root growth should stimulate.

Prime Superior Clone has been compared to CloneX. However unlike its synthetic competitor, Prime Superior Clone is cloning nutrient produced using organic honey, making it a 100% natural cloning solution.

Prime Superior Drench

With its versatility, Prime Superior Drench has the potential to become a top option for farmers all over the globe. It’s possible to use Prime Superior Drench to a variety of uses. Many objectives may be served by using it on clones, seeds, or even young plants in the development stage. Prime Superior Drench can be applied to seeds prior to germination or you can spray the drench directly on your rockwool cubes, soil, or other preferred starting medium for cuttings or seeds, and even when transplanting into larger pots. If you are looking to increase your root growth, you can apply Prime Superior Drench right onto the roots of already established plants or fresh cuttings. Prime Superior Drench can also be utilized to saturate the leaves of young or older plants with the foliar spray.

Prime Superior Seed

Prime Superior Seed, the powder product, is a fungal spore-coated seed that enables for the establishment of the beneficial symbiosis from the time of germination forward. For cannabis growers that start from seed, utilizing Prime Superior Seed produces a beneficial symbiosis with the fungus Beauveria bassiana, which is beneficial to the plant’s growth. This natural interaction may have a major impact on the growth and yield weight of your crop. It is possible to apply Prime Superior Seed to seeds directly, placed onto rockwool cubes, or mixed with your chosen starting medium. 

Tested Field Results

Results from field trials in Oregon in 2020 showed that using Prime Superior products will enhance overall terpene development and cannabinoid potency. Increased levels of a variety of terpenes were analyzed, including alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, Ocimene, Terpinolene, and Terpineol. Increased terpene development means enhanced flavors and aroma of your harvest!  

Prime Superior Nutrients Are Completely Safe To Use

One of the most significant benefits of using products from the Prime Superior Range is that they are completely safe! Working with Prime Superior products does not necessitate the use of protective gear or ventilated environments. Chris Lent, Chief Marketing Officer at Prime Superior, admitted to us that he had even consumed a bottle of the Prime Superior Drench, and had no side effects! Though, this is not a suggestion to make Drench a regular beverage. It is good to note that you aren’t even required to keep the products out of reach of your pets! Prime Superior products are that natural and safe. Their entire product line is made entirely of organic and natural ingredients. The Prime Superior range is not only extremely safe for your plants, but it is also extremely safe for the surrounding environment! If you are looking for a natural and organic nutrient for your cannabis grow, do not hesitate, Prime Superior is proven to deliver. 

More information about Prime Superior nutrients range and their parent company, LPC Naturals LLC can be found at You can also purchase Prime Superior Seed, Clone, & Drench online directly from their website. You can also purchase some Prime Superior swag, like their snapback. If you are in New York State, you can also purchase their products in-store from a variety of official retailers partners. Some of these retailers include Flowered Wellness and Green Zone Hydroponics in Orchard Park, Buffalo Roots Hydroponics in Buffalo, Frosty Gardens in Jamaica, Planet Vape in Tonawanda, CBD Med-Center in Clarence, LJN Designs in Gloversville, and Hashtag Hydro Inc. in Rochester. 

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