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Cannabis Smoking at NY State Fair Under Review

Will Cannabis Smoking Be Banned at NY State Fair 2022?

Governor Kathy Hochul (D) of New York has requested a review of the Fair’s cannabis smoking policy in response to public outcry. The cannabis smoking policy at the Great NY State Fair may soon change.

Smoking is permitted at the fair in any other areas not prohibited by New York State law. Though, it is banned in all buildings, picnic areas, the midway, military & 9/11 memorials, the State Park, Chevy Court, and the the ‘kiddieland’ children’s section under the current regulation. 

Cannabis Smoking Was Allowed At NY State Fair 2021

The evaluation is in response to New York’s early legalization of marijuana in 2021. Prior to the commencement of the fair, a statement was issued informing the public that marijuana use will be permissible at the State Fair.

Regrettably, this approach has sparked outrage among many members of the community. Troy Waffner, the State Fair’s director, told The Citizen, “I do agree with everybody who said we have to do something to try to control the smoking of marijuana around kids and families because this is a family event.”

Potential Solutions Are In Discussions

Among the recommendations is the establishment of a licensed cannabis smoking area on-site. According to Waffer, establishing a designated smoking zone is a practical solution. This location would certainly be identified for the public to notice and avoid if desired. A dedicated smoking area would help keep cannabis out of the hands of minors and keep smoke away from little children. This does seem like a wonderful proposal, but I’m hoping they recognize the need of having a pure cannabis smoking section. If you don’t smoke tobacco, you shouldn’t be compelled to be in close proximity to cigarette smoke.

There may be some other suggestions already on the table. The fair may also consider prohibiting smoking without creating dedicated smoking zones. Another option, Waffner notes, is to maintain the current policy. Though this is very improbable in the aftermath of the reaction.

We are awaiting an update to the policy, but there is currently no definite date for when this information will be publicly accessible.

The 2022 New York State Fair is scheduled August 24 through September 5.

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