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Canada’s Cannasseurs
Who Should You Know?

Cannabis is proving to be a plant with infinite possibilities. But with infinite possibilities comes a plethora of products and potential uses. This leaves cannabis enthusiasts and novices alike with countless options to explore and various products and experiences to navigate. Which means that Canada dispensaries are the oases of cannabis possibilities.

When entering a dispensary, or even an online dispensary in Canada, it’s easy to be faced with “choice overload.” Oftentimes shoppers will rely on the recommendations of expert staff, vendors, random customers, or they simply give up and go with what they already know.

But the other, less common option is to follow the big names in Canadian cannabis so you “know before you go.” We highly (pun intended) suggest giving these Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs a follow! Here’s our go-to list of Canada’s Cannasseurs to check out before your next dispensary expenditure.

All Of The Options

Think of Heidi, known as 420canadagirl on Instagram, as the compass you need as you embark on your cann-adventure. She shares countless engaging picture posts and stories featuring Canada’s best products, including pre-rolls, flower, vapes, and edibles—not to mention the CBD options and accessories you may want to consider. Each post comes with @420canadagirl’s thoughts, but as with all things in life, the decision and experience will be uniquely your own. So before you head to the dispensary, whether in-person or online, have a look at @420canadagirl to see what you may be interested in trying. Her Instagram account has more than twenty thousand followers, amongst them the legendary @cheechandchong, which means this account is the perfect place to begin discovering all of your options.

 Not Your Average Flower

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, and Toronto’s Ryan “Cronica” Lewis shows just how fulfilling it can be to grow your own. Ryan, better known as Cronica 420 on YouTube, used the platform to grow his initial following and at this point has branched out (pun intended) to start his own cannabis nutrient supplement company. On his channel you’ll find product reviews and grow journals that offer fascinating insights into the growing process—it’s full of excellent tips and advice if you have any interest in growing your own cannabis (or just want to appreciate what goes into quality flower. Ryan is a botanist first, but he’s also a published grow writer and a recording artist under the name “Cronica.” Definitely a cannasseur to keep an eye on!

 Under The Influence

Natasha Raey is always on the move—whether she’s hopping back and forth between Toronto, Vancouver, and Kelowna or founding another medical marijuana startup, it doesn’t take much time on her Instagram to see that she has a lot going on. Natasha is a philanthropist who focuses her efforts primarily on healthcare, women’s empowerment, and, of course, medical cannabis. She is one of the founders and Chief Engagement Officer of Lift Cannabis Co. and is currently working on cannabis-infused beauty products with Evelyn Iona Beauty. Whether you need a daily dose of inspiration, great photography, or just want to keep up with a unique and interesting voice in the cannabis industry, Natasha Raey won’t disappoint!

 Inhale, Exhale with Ganja Yoga

By now you have quite a bit of information at your fingertips to help you make an informed decision as to what cannabis you’d like to try. But before you partake, keep in mind that cannabis is a plant whose experience is directly related to your intention—which makes this the perfect time to introduce our next cannabis influencer and trendsetter Dee Dussalt, founder of, who’s here to help guide your mind-body experience. Dee Dussault brought the ancient wisdom of cannabis yoga to the western world in 2009 and has been guiding yogis and teachers alike with her harmonized approach ever since. While you can follow Dee through Ganja Yoga’s Instagram and YouTube channels, their website pays homage to this sacred plant through their deeper personal approach to the yoga practice. There you will find everything from online ganja yoga classes, to ganja yoga teacher training and CBD products. You can also find Dee’s Amazon bestselling book, Ganja Yoga. If you’re interested in adding cannabis to your yoga, mindfulness, mind-body wellness practices, or if you’re simply curious about how cannabis can enhance your wellness experience, definitely take some time to explore more of what Dee Dussault and Ganja Yoga have to offer.

 Not Your Typical Brownie

How you experience cannabis, from your preferred methods of consuming it, to how you experience its effects will mature with time. Our next influencer has a mission that’s so much more than just creating a great edible. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a good ol’ fashioned brownie.) Travis Petersen, known as the_nomadcook on Instagram, has taken a refined culinary approach to cannabis—he’s taken his unique approach from Canada to the United States and back again. His mission is to help nurture confident cannabis cooks while paying careful attention to safety and individual tolerance levels. His menu, which is crafted for dining (not just “consuming”), consists of carefully crafted infusions along with cannabis “mocktails”. The Nomad Cook gives educated consideration to high-quality cannabis ingredients to provide the best possible experience for all of your guests.

 You’ve Got a Friend in Weed

No matter how you come to experience your cannabis, one thing is certain: it’s always better with friends. This is why we chose to close our Canada Cannasseurs list with a cannabis enthusiast who’s just an all-around good guy. StonerDadYYC on Twitter brings the world a much needed upbeat approach to life and shares with us all the things he loves. You’ll find a subtle approach to cannabis product reviews, reminiscent of simpler times when people hung out in person and had a conversation. @StonerDadYYC is someone who grounds the Twitterverse by sharing a little slice of the life he lives with people all around the world.

With such an increasing abundance of cannabis products to choose from, it’s good to have some informed opinions to guide you. We hope you love this list, follow a few of these awesome Cannasseurs, and make your next dispensary run with inspiration and clarity.

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