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feat img 2 new coffeeshops open in Amsterdam this summer The Plug 3

Two New Coffeeshops Open In Amsterdam

The Plug Opens A Third Location In Amsterdam

The Plug has been rapidly expanding over the past few months. Now, opening its third coffeeshop, at the former site of Coffeeshop Rusland, making its newest location the largest The Plug smoking lounge.

Some of you might not even realize they had a second location, The Plug West, which is a grab-and-go location at the former Hugo De Groot Coffeeshop in Amsterdam’s West neighborhood.

Terps Army Opens Its Second Amsterdam Location

Amsterdam’s newest coffeeshop entity, Terps Army, quickly became one of the most in-demand coffeeshops since its opening in back in 2021. Now, Terps Army is heading to Zieseniskade, taking over the old Coffeeshop Noon.

Previously, this location was infamous for offering some of the most outrageously priced, average “import” flowers. Some seeing upwards to 50 per g!

While, Terps Army may not be the most affordable coffeeshop in the area, they are known to provide some of the highest quality control around. Now with Terps Army taking over the old Noon location, you no longer have to worry about poor quality at insane prices.

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