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Testing Cannabis Potency at Coffeeshop De Kade with Purpl Pro

Earlier this summer we began testing the potency of cannabis flowers from various Amsterdam Coffeeshops. We already traveled to Coffeeshop The Bushdocter and Coffeeshop Popeye to analyze flowers off their menu. Next we inspect cannabis flowers potency at Coffeeshop De Kade with Purpl Pro.

Coffeeshop De Kade is a great location outside of Amsterdam’s main centrum rings. It is located in the south of Amsterdam at Stadionkade 107. While at Coffeeshop De Kade we analyzed the cannabis potency of 2 top-shelf Kush selections, Billy Kimber and Rollex OG.

Want to view a recent menu from Coffeeshop De Kade?
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The first strain sampled at Coffeeshop De Kade was the Indica dominant, Billy Kimber. One rip and even the most experienced smoker will feel the potent effects produced by Billy Kimber OG. This smoke provided a very clear level headed buzz paired with an intense body high. This flower tested at a whopping 29% Total THC with Purpl Pro.

Warning: Experienced professionals only.


Another Indica dominant kush variant on De Kade’s menu, Rollex OG, tested at 22%. While Billy Kimber did test higher in Total THC, I personally feel Rollex OG did give off noticeably more of an aroma. This could mean that the Rollex OG has a very high terpene concentration.

Rollex OG stimulates a calming sensation, almost sedating. This pungent and skunk scented gas is ideal for after work or late night when you have nothing scheduled. If you do decide to smoke Rollex OG before a meeting or a night out, be sure to set some alarms or you might find yourself stuck in the couch with a big bag of potato chips and a tray of brownies!

Are you looking for more coffeeshop cannabis potency analysis results? You may be interested in potency results from The Bushdocter or Popeye.

These potency tests have been analyzed using Purpl Pro by Purple Scientific.

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