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Blog Title Featured Cannabis Sticker Shop In Buffalo Robbed During Blizzard

Sticker Shop In Buffalo Robbed During Blizzard

During a state of emergency from the region’s worst ever recorded blizzard, Quality Canna, a sticker shop in Buffalo, NY, was looted.

On Christmas night, thieves struck at Quality Canna, a CBD & sticker shop in the Kaisertown neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.

During the holiday weekend, Buffalo, New York was the epicenter of a devastating blizzard that claimed the lives of over three-dozen individuals.  While the entire region was under a state of emergency and no emergency services were available, various group of thieves decided to steal from hardworking individuals. 

In one of the cases of looting, three individuals wearing ski masks broke into and stole from Quality Canna. One of the thieves smashed through the door and two others joined inside. Glass display cases were broken and tens-of-thousands worth of merchandise was stolen. 

The thieves raced out from the building in panic at one time, but they returned to their looting of the Kaisertown CBD & cannabis sticker business shortly afterward. 

It has been only eight months when Quality Canna initially launched. Whether or not the privately held company can stay in business after suffering such a loss is unknown.

Quality Canna’s mission reflects the company’s sincere care for the citizens in the Buffalo area. By donating the proceeds from their “teacher blunt” to schools that support students from low-income communities, they hope to aid those in the Buffalo, New York, area.

Their ambitious target is to raise more than $25,000 in donations. In addition, Quality Canna offers a reduction in price for first responders, including police officers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel.

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