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Cops Raid Terminally Ill Patients Room In Kansas

A Kansas hospital was raided after a report of a terminally ill patient was using cannabis products was reported to police.

Greg Bretz, 69, is living out his final stages of inoperable cancer at Hays Medical Center in Kansas, where his doctor gave him permission to use cannabis to ease his excruciating symptoms. Despite cannabis being illegal, even for medical purposes, in the state, the doctors, knowing the benefits it can provide, allowed the patient to consume cannabis to alleviate pain and discomfort.

While the Mr. Bretz had been consuming cannabis products in the room for 3 weeks as per suggestions by his doctor, one hospital worker felt the need to snitch, resulting in a full-on police raid of his hospital room this past Saturday, over the holiday weekend.

Lee Bretz, Greg’s son reports, “so the chemo hadn’t been too kind to him, so he’s been exploring some other options, and it seemed to be helping him out a little bit, but that all went south when he got turned in by one of the hospital staff.”

Greg Bretz had been using cannabis vape cartridges and THC paste, since his doctor admitted that medical science could no longer do anything for him, other than basic hospice care. The cannabis was allowed because it actually provided some relief.

Unfortunately, Kansas remains one of 3 state where medical marijuana is still banned. Despite his doctors recommendation, the states law prohibits any form of cannabis, medically or recreationally. When raiding the room and uncovering a cannabis vape cartridge, police mentioned that it poses as a fire hazard.

Mr. Bretz, the terminally ill cancer patient, was sited for drug possession, and was originally awaiting a court hearing on January 2, 2023. The charge ended up being dismissed on Tuesday, 8 days after the hospital room raid.

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