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Blog Featured Image Champs Trade Show Raided for Delta-8

DEA & FBI Raid Champs Trade Show Las Vegas, Shut Down Delta-8 Booths

The Champs Trade Show is currently taking place in Las Vegas, NV, and it wasn’t long before the DEA and FBI decided to raid the event.


Booths are being checked for any supply of Delta-8 THC and are being shut down immediately if any are discovered. We are hearing that the State Attorney General was provided a CBD or Delta-8 infused edible, which sparked the raid.

In the state of Nevada, Delta 8 is a controlled substance. As a result, selling and sampling Delta-8 within Nevada state lines is prohibited.

A video, captured by cannabis industry author, Ben Owens, shows the scene which unfolded inside of the event shortly after the raid began. “According to Shawn Honaker, a vendor on the floor, (the) ‘District Attorney got a hot CBD sample and they shut down all samples of any kind. . . specifically no D8 advertising,” Owens reported in a later Tweet.

Update: Despite this interference, the trade show was allowed to continue and guests continue to arrive at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the event, which is scheduled to run from July 27-30, 2021.

Champs is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to the cannabis culture.

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