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Coffeeshop Kronkel In Nijmegen Reopens Kitchen Services

As of today, Coffeeshop Kronkel in Nijmegen reopens their kitchen. You can now purchase cannabis, hash, or pre-rolls, consume them on-site, while enjoying a snack or meal inside Nijmegen’s Coffeeshop Kronkel.

Coffeeshop Kronkel Reopens Their Kitchen In Nijmegen

The kitchen at Coffeeshop Kronkel will be open daily, from 2:00 PM until 9:30 PM. Coffeeshop Kronkel’s food and beverage menu includes a variety of snack items like toasti’s, soups, salad, and fries. However, they do have an assortment of pasta, sandwich, and entree items to really cure those munchies! The pasta menu includes Fusilli or Tortellini served with Pesto & Chicken, Pesto Arugula, Bolognese, Arrabbiata, Mushroom Cream sauce, or Turkish style. If you are looking for something a bit heavier, you can choose from a variety of Burger and Sandwich, including Korean BBG Jackfruit, Lamb Burger, Falafel Burger, Bacon Burger, and of course a traditional Cheeseburger. Or perhaps the Steak with Herb Butter or Salmon Teriyaki hit your taste pallet more. The selection of options at Kronkel is diverse, and you can even get your sweet tooth on with their assortment of Milkshakes, fresh Fruit Smoothies, or desserts. Coffeeshop Kronkel has something for just about everyone.

“Dear people, take the directions of our staff seriously and take good care of yourself and each other, so if you have complaint symptoms please don’t endanger others,” Coffeeshop Kronkel posts on their Instagram account. Kronkel further instructs its patrons to follow their social media for updates, as we’ve grown to learn, COVID-19 measures tend to change every few weeks!

You can eat dinner, work, and smoke marijuana at Coffeeshop Kronkel in Nijmegen.

It is a rarity to see any type of hot food served at a coffeeshop. The food and beverage menu at Coffeeshop Kronkel is diverse to say the least. It is the only coffeeshop in the country to serve such a wide array of food items to enjoy while smoking cannabis and hash purchases.

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