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Blog Featured Image Squish The Summer High Returns To Amsterdam Summer 2021

Squish The Summer High Returns To Amsterdam Coffeeshops July 2021

Next month, AudioKush’s educational workshop series, Squish The Summer High, returns to Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

For 8 weeks over the summer, this interactive & educational solventless workshop series will travel around Amsterdam to various coffeeshops across the city. Each week will feature different sponsors, partners, and products! And of course, the rosin press will be available to use for free after a demonstration!

Squish The Summer High 2019 at Coffeeshop The Bushdocter in Amsterdam

Squish The Summer High debuted in Amsterdam during the summer of 2019, and traveled to 4 different coffeeshops across the city: 1e Hulp, Bagheera, The Bushdocter, & Family First. Due to the global health crisis, we were unable to run this series last summer.

We are ecstatic to be back with our educational rosin demonstration series, which takes place inside various coffeeshops across Amsterdam! Squish The Summer High returns to Amsterdam summer 2021.

What to expect at Squish The Summer High?

  • Free giveaways and other goodies from Squish The Summer High sponsors and partners
  • guest speakers
  • cannabis education
  • free rosin pressing
  • product demonstrations
  • and more!

Want to see this workshop at your coffeeshop?

To schedule a session at your coffeeshop, drop us an email at

Sponsorship opportunities are available

Contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at

Guest at Squish The Summer High 2019 scrapes a dab of fresh pressed hash rosin at Coffeeshop Family First in Amsterdam.

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