Mexico Decriminalizes Cannabis

Mexico Has Decriminalized Cannabis

It was announced on Monday evening that the Supreme Court of Mexico has overturned laws rendering recreational cannabis use illegal.

Supporters of decriminalization argued that it would help to reduce drug-fueled cartel violence in the country, and the Supreme Court agreed, ruling 8-3 in favor of decriminalization.

Mexico’s debate regarding the legalization of marijuana has been a long-running struggle. Most recently, in 2018, the prohibition of cannabis was deemed to be unconstitutional, leading lawmakers to go forward with the decriminalization bill. However at this time, Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, signed the bill into law, but it failed to get through Congress, two weeks beyond the deadline. Medical marijuana has been legal in Mexico since the beginning of 2017.

According to the Supreme Court, those who want to legally purchase cannabis may now apply for a permit from the country’s health authority, the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris). Following the decriminalization of cannabis, the Supreme Court ruled that anybody over the age of 18 would be able to possess up to 28 grams.

After obtaining authorization from Cofepris, Mexico will now permit the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis plants.

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