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Ever dream of flying? Well now your dreams can become true, you can fly high with Obama Kush!

Coffeeshop Rosin Press: Obama Kush (Flower) – Bushdocter Amsterdam

In February 2020, Audio Kush TV went to Coffeeshop Bushdocter in Amsterdam for an educational rosin press workshop. During this coffeeshop rosin press, we squished some lovely flower and hash that day, including the infamous Obama Kush. We were able to get multiple rosin presses from Coffeeshop Bushdocter‘s Obama Kush flower. Only one press is shown in the video.

Some of the other strains pressed into rosin at Coffeeshop Bushdocter that day include their Grape Sorbet hashish, Gorilla Glue 4 hashish from 1e Hulp, Amnesia Haze flower, & Carmelo hashish. Medican Campus Suriname was among the several guests who joined us for the coffeeshop rosin press session. We were also joined by representatives of Zamnesia.

Coffeeshop Bushdocter is located at Thorbeckeplein 28, 1017cs in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Ever dream of flying? Well now your dreams can become true, you can fly high with Obama Kush! This indica dominant cross of an unknown skunk mother & an Afghani OG Kush father provides an intense cerebral high, so high you’ll feel like a kite blowing in the wind. Her flowers will stink up any room with her sharp, skunky kush musk. Obama Kush is an instant relief strain that rushes euphoria to your head. It is highly recommended for pain relief. Beware, this is a highly potent cannabis strain that can initiate a giggly stupor.

Obama Kush rosin press at Coffeeshop Bushdocter was part of the kick-off event for Demo Night. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this series was put on hold until further notice.

Demo Night brings smoking, gaming, and education all together. Each month, Audio Kush demonstrates a new cannabis industry product, inside coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The workshops provide insight on new consumer applications of cannabis using products from the coffeeshop menu. After a demonstration, guests are aloud to sample the products, and of course, medicate. Classic video games, including Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, & Playstation are available for guests to use.
For this workshop, we used LTQ Vapor King Of Power rosin press. LTQ Vapor King Of Power is a portable 4-ton, manual rosin press, with dual heated plates.

Amsterdam is known around the world as one of the most prominent cannabis vacation / holiday locations. We can provide the perfect atmosphere for product demonstrations, workshops, tutorials, and reviews. Contact us to sample your product.

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