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Connecticut Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin

Businesses in Connecticut begin selling recreational cannabis. On Tuesday morning, seven existing medicinal marijuana facilities around the state opened their doors to recreational users, marking the beginning of retail cannabis sales for individuals 21 and older in Connecticut.

The state plans to open several more dispensaries over the coming weeks, with up to 40 by the end of 2023.

By the time the doors opened at 10 a.m. for the start of adult-use sales at Fine Fettle in Newington, there were already dozens of customers waiting in line.

General manager Dennis So claimed that at least 600 consumers who want to utilize the product for recreational purposes made orders in advance for Tuesday. 

Connecticut Officials Anticipate Life Changing Benefits

The administration of Democratic Governor Ned Lamont has mentioned that almost 44,000 low-level cannabis convictions would be completely or partially wiped clean, according to Connecticut’s new. The “clean slate” statute is a major component of the state’s legalization of recreational cannabis.

“Today is historic, but the real story is about the benefits to come that will transform lives and communities,” Adam Wood, president of the Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement. 

“Today marks a turning point in the injustices caused by the war on drugs, most notably now that there is a legal alternative to the dangerous, unregulated, underground market for cannabis sales,” Lamont said in a statement.

Officials Urge Customers To Act Responsibly

Authorities in Connecticut have warned businesses and consumers to conduct themselves appropriately now that recreational cannabis sales have begun. New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson noted that it is a felony endangerment charge if a person is found guilty of knowingly supplying cannabis to a minor. Jacobson also stressed that is is forbidden to open any cannabis packages while driving. He argued, while drunk driving is a major violation of the law, it’s also prohibited for both passengers and drivers to smoke cannabis while the car is running.

What you can buy via Conneticut’s Recreational Dispensaries

The state’s DCP (Department of Consumer Protection) has said that, for the time being at least, recreational sales will be restricted to no more than 1/4 ounce of cannabis flower, 4mL of vape cartridges, 7 grams of pre-rolled joints, or a comparable edible product. Compared to New York and Massachusetts, such thresholds are extremely low. But who knows, Maybe the state just wants customers to build up a strong rapport with their local bud tender.

DCP has said that the caps will be evaluated and may be adjusted in the future, but for the time being they are in place to guarantee a sufficient supply for those using marijuana for recreational purposes and those using it for medicinal purposes. Medical patients in Connecticut are able to purchase up to 5 ounces each month.

To prevent any possible mistake with edibles, Seagull has said that all retail cannabis items would be packaged in child-resistant packaging with clear labels.

Dispensaries will not record every sale, despite transaction limits, according to state authorities. A DCP representative said that clients may theoretically visit one facility to purchase their quarter-ounce and then visit another dispensary to finish their purchase.

Where can I get a list of the retail locations where sales have been authorized so far?

On Tuesday, January 17, seven of Connecticut’s medical marijuana dispensaries were available to all recreational cannabis consumers over the age of 21. The following medical marijuana shops were authorized to sell cannabis goods to the general public, having completed the required requirements to add recreational sales to their businesses.

Affinity Health and Wellness – New Haven

The Botanist – Montville

Zen Leaf – Meriden

Fine Fettle Dispensary – Newington

Fine Fettle Dispensary – Stamford

Fine Fettle Dispensary – Willimantic

Rise Branford (formerly Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut) – Branford

40 More Recreational Dispensaries Will Soon Open Across Connecticut By End Of 2023

Danbury’s The Botanist and Torrington’s Still River Wellness have both confirmed their eligibility but both have delayed the launch of their adult-use sales until later this year.

The state estimates that up to 40 more dispensaries and dozens of other marijuana-related companies might launch by the end of 2023, however it will take some time for establishments to prepare for this boom in business and get necessary permits.

On Tuesday, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz visited Zen Leaf in Meriden to give a speech. “We are very excited about the economic growth we will see from this new industry,” Bysiewicz said. State and local governments are crossing their fingers that the end of cannabis prohibition will usher in a new era of prosperity and reinvestment throughout the state. “We anticipate that there will be 10,000 new jobs created,” Bysiewicz continues.

Bysiewicz said that the money raised from marijuana sales taxes will be used to help the areas severely afflicted by the war on drugs. Stores selling cannabis are subject to a 3% sales tax on top of the state’s standard 6.35% sales tax. Additional fees are assessed according to the concentration of THC in the item being sold.

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