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Blog Title Smacked Village Opens Second Dsipensary In NYC

New York Opens Second Recreational Dispensary

Smacked Village (Smacked LLC.), New York State’s second recreational cannabis dispensary has officially opened its doors. The marijuana dispensary is located on Bleeker Street in New York’s historic Greenwich Village.

It is the first legal recreational dispensary launching in New York State that is operated by someone with a past marijuana conviction. Roland Connor is now trying to transform poison to medicine through this new business venture.

Smacked Village owner Roland Connor was present for the grand opening to address questions from the public. Connor was asked what is it like to operate a black, family owned dispensary. He quickly responded, “It feels good to be black owned and black family ran. You don’t see it too much. I hope we see it more in the future as we move forward”.

Roland also highlighted that he is looking forward to customers “experiencing the products” they offer at the New York City cannabis dispensary, Smacked LLC.

Smacked Village, located at 144 Bleecker Street, is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This month, Housing Works made history by opening New York’s first legal recreational cannabis shop. Smacked is roughly a 10-minute walk from Housing Works, which is situated in Greenwich Village.

The Office of Cannabis Management for the state has announced that around 36 more retail locations would be launched in the following weeks.

Prior to opening, Roland Connor was quoted in a New York State press release.

“I am so excited to become a part of history as the first individual to open a legal cannabis dispensary in New York City. Given my experience with cannabis, I never could have imagined that I would be opening a store like this. I’m grateful for the opportunity to open a business with my son and wife at my side and build generational wealth, working together, right here in New York. But this is not just about me and my family. This is about everyone who was harmed by the draconian drug laws of the past. New York’s commitment to righting those wrongs through the law is inspiring. I am proof of that commitment because I’m standing here today.” — Connor via press release  

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