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Blog Cover Image Cannabis Consumption With Mascotte

Conscious Cannabis Consumption With Mascotte Rolling Papers

Mascotte comes with a new sound:

‘We will bring our expertise into action for the conscious cannabis consumer’ 

The social acceptance of cannabis consumption increases worldwide. So it is about time for a fresh sound in the global cannabis industry. A more serious sound, aiming for quality and professionalism for the conscious consumer. Mascotte has been putting this sound forward from September on with its latest campaign: Experts Never Compromise.

A Teaser:

Giant joints for the biggest stoners, endless munchies, uncontrollable laughter, and cannabis use as a gimmick: if it were up to Mascotte, these stereotypes and prejudices are over and done with. The number one company in rolling papers, filters, and accessories is taking a different tack. The conscious, serious, and successful consumer emerges as the acceptance of cannabis increases. And those consumers want to feel heard and be served. “Imagine owning a restaurant. You are head chef. You are successful in life, and for you, occasionally using cannabis is part of that deal. Consciously enjoying the quality”, explains Mascotte account manager Bruce Selcraig. “These conscious consumers are more visible than ever, now that the social acceptance of cannabis use has increased worldwide”, adds Karel van Wesemael, marketing manager at Mascotte. “The conscious consumers are not stoners who sit on the couch all day, but rather people who lead an active life. The conscious consumers occasionally smoke cannabis, as a reward for their hard work, or to enable a more intense festival experience. That is quality of life”. 


Mascotte’s new mission is to serve this particular target audience in a way that suits the company. “This cannabis consumer rightfully expects a professional and highly qualitative experience. Not only in coffeeshops but also when rolling at home. In retail, the product, and product knowledge: the expectations for all these areas are being raised. Consumers want to benefit from a better customer experience and thus want to be taken seriously. They demand top quality and professionalism. And that is exactly what we are taking care off”. 

Mascotte has become a King Size Paper expert company. “We are here for the people who carefully choose which cannabis strain to use. These are the consumers who pay close attention to the ritual of rolling and who want the best products throughout the entire process. They therefore deliberately pick the best rolling papers and filters. We are more than ready to optimally serve the expert roller”.  


Delve into the rich culture of Mascotte, and you will understand why this brand takes on the expert role. The original Dutch company behind the brand Mascotte was founded in 1858, making the company more than 160 years old. The brand Mascotte was born more than 90 years ago. Van Wesemael: “After 160 years, we feel that we just about perfected the art. We know rolling papers like no other. Mascotte rolls better, sticks better, burns better. Mascotte is always 3x better: that is what we are known for. It is part of our mission to extend our expertise to meet the conscious cannabis consumers’ needs”.  

However, this has not happened overnight: Mascotte has been spinning its wheels for years. Take the Mascotte Festival Edition, for example – a combi booklet including papers, tips, and a special design with a sturdy and magnetic closure. Take the Mascotte Active Filters – which you can easily roll and enable a powerful and pure experience. And what about the exclusive papers which Mascotte has produced in partnership with well known Dutch artists, such as Hef, Josylvio and Kevin from record label Top Notch. 

Mascotte continuously supports the cannabis movement by sponsoring educational workshop events and cannabis competitions including Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards and Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam.


Mascotte keeps it moving. The campaign launch last September was just the beginning. The conscious cannabis consumer has a lot to look forward to: a further developed and more extensive range of King Size products, more natural products, new product designs, a new website, and collaborations with Boerejongens, Top Notch and WOO HAH! “There are many things to look forward to, Mascotte is coming!” 

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