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Real Life South Park Tegridy Weed

This past summer, South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker struck an agreement with ViacomCBS for $900 million US dollars. In an interview with Bloomberg, Matt Stone hinted that they would be using these funds for a variety of projects, including a new South Park video game and real-life Tegridy Weed. Yes, that is correct! The weed produced by Randy Marsh at his Tegridy Farms cannabis farm in the South Park adult-cartoon comedy TV series may soon be available for personal consumption!

“I think we’re really for the first time going to bring Tegridy Weed into real life,” South Park co-creator Matt Stone told Bloomberg in an interview. Tegridy Farms has been reintroduced on several occasions since its debut in season 22. We are unsure of how a real-life Tegridy Farms will unfold, but the anticipation is tremendous. South Park branded cannabis obtained from a reputable South Park themed recreational cannabis dispensary seems pretty fantastic!

Parker and Stone have signed a new deal for $900 million with ViacomCBS’s MTV Entertainment Studios. South Park’s contract will be extended until 2027, allowing the program to air its 30th season, which will contain 14 feature films. ViacomCBS has announced that two of the next 14 made-for-streaming “South Park” films would launch on Paramount+ in 2021, followed by two further films each year afterwards. Post Covid, one of these films, was just released on the Paramount+ network.

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