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introducing dabx

DabX Sets A New Standard For Dabbing Concentrates

DabX was created with a cutting-edge design and precise craftsmanship to provide the most healthy-consumption electronic dabbing rigs on the market. DabX provides the perfect dab for a concentrate enthusiast and sets the standard for new concentrate consumers. If you are new to concentrates, there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran dabber, switching to DabX could completely change the way you dab!

What Is The DabX?

DabX is the brains of a professional race car driver from California, Chris Rado. Originally an engineer working in a race shop, Rado had a knack for outshining others. ​​After 20 world-track records, Chris Rado retired from racing, and began utilizing his technical developmental skills to assist his father, who had become ill with cancer. The former professional race car driver initially wanted to build a better-designed and safer product to help his father with various ailments. Striving to produce the most health-conscious consumption method, since the others on the market were proven to either leak heavy metals or melt rubbers and plastics, Rado began developing DabX.

DabX founder, Chris Rado introduces the new Go device. Source: DabX.

DabX was designed by professional race-car driver Chris Rado, who was motivated by his father, a medical cannabis patient suffering from cancer and other ailments. Now, DabX sits at the top of the market, proving to be the most health-conscious concentrate brand on the market. Currently, the company offers two devices: Rocket and Go. Currently, DabX is capable of building every part of the device in-house in Los Angeles, where they manufacture both their Rocket and Go devices.

DabX’s Mission

DabX has a very simple mission, or so they state: to create the easiest, fastest, and best ways to dab. By pairing cutting-edge design with precision craftsmanship, each product delivers an unparalleled experience for concentrate enthusiasts. All products are designed in Los Angeles, California, and constructed using premium materials.

DabX’s Introductory Product: Rocket mk. 1

The Rocket mk. 1 is the best method to instantly release the full taste of your concentrates. It is designed to produce a large amount of vapor and provide the cleanest taste possible, along with a dab that is consistently heated to the ideal temperature.

DabX Rocket Mk1 Terphogz
Group consumes dabs with DabX Rocket mk1. Photo source: DabX

Similar to the G Pen‘s Connect, DabX’s introductory product, Rocket, enables you to extract dabs from your preferred vaporizer. The user may attach the Rocket’s 14mm male glass adapter to the majority of rigs and bongs. However, using this device makes it much easier to consume your extracts in a healthy way. 

There is no need for Q-tips in between dab sessions. Disassemble when you do want to clean. Air-dry after soaking in isopropyl alcohol and rinsing. The nicest feature is that it includes an additional atomizer, so you can keep using concentrates while you’re cleaning one. The device’s 1500mAh USB-C battery charges in 30 minutes and offers 30 to 50 dab per full charge. A perfect dab is ready to enjoy in 15 seconds with only one button press.

The Rocket mk. 1 will have an enduring effect on your dabbing style. Whether you are an experienced dabber dissatisfied with traditional rigs or a novice searching for a simple method to begin using concentrates, DabX’s Rocket mk. 1 is a product you should try.

Introducing DabX Go

Introducing the latest addition to the world of dab vaporizers: the DabX Go. After two long years of product research, development, and testing, DabX releases the Go, a device that, founder Chris Rado states, “is going to revolutionize the way people dab.”

This handheld device boasts a new-generation design, perfect for those seeking a high-quality dabbing experience. From its aesthetics to the way it feels in your hand, this beauty exudes a sense of perfection. Go, the successor to the highly acclaimed Rocket MK1, has been making waves in the world of dabbing, elevating the game to new heights. The dabbing experience has been meticulously crafted to perfection, with every detail rigorously tested and fine-tuned to ensure optimal performance in the palm of your hand. 

DabX Go

Eliminate Foreign Flavors, Taste Perfection With Each Dab 

The DabX Go product is crafted using aerospace-grade titanium, thereby eliminating any unpleasant taste that may arise from the use of low-quality metals, plastics, or paint coatings. The brand’s founder, Chris Rado states, “In our device, the dab comes directly out of the heating element and goes directly into glass.” The absence of plastics in the vapor path ensures that no chemicals or harsh flavors seep into your precious dab. 

DabX Go has 4 heating profiles, calibrated to heat in just 14 seconds. A cutting-edge reverse airflow atomizer has been combined with a full-sized water filtration system to deliver an unmatched dabbing experience that is cooler, smoother, and overall more consistent. There are no plastics in the vicinity of the air path of DabX Go, and any reclaim that is left is dispensed into a reclaim tray, which is located below the atomizer. “The vapor goes up while the reclaim goes down,” Rado boasts. By eliminating both plastic and reclaim taste, your concentrates remain pristine and untainted. 

The only materials that heated vapor is able to pass through on its journey to the user are ceramic, stainless steel, glass, and water. By preserving the terpenes and maximizing vapor production, users can achieve a consistently flavorful and well-heated dabbing experience. 

Finally An E-Rig With A Long Lasting Battery

Dual 1100mAh lithium-ion power cells that can produce close to 100 dabs on a full charge power the DabX Go. The power cells are also removable and replaceable for the real adventurer who plans on being off the grid for an extended period of time.

Appealing to the hardcore dabber and the novice, the DabX Go can offer around 100 dabs or thereabouts on a fully charged battery, making this a crucial device compared to other e-rig options on the market that often max out at approximately 30 dabs! Not only does it provide an incredible number of dabs to battery ratio, but it fully charges from dead in 30 minutes. Additionally, it will charge enough to take a dab in just 30 seconds, even when the battery is fully dead!  DabX Go also features pass-through charging, so you can charge the device at the same time as consuming dabs, unlike some other devices on the market. 

What’s Inside The Go Box?

The DabX Go is tidily packaged within its durable carrying case and paired with a portable dab station, USB-C adapter, charging cable, and an extra atomizer. Unlike other competing e-rigs on the market, the Go includes a spare atomizer, so you can continue to vape while one chamber is submerged for cleansing.

Source: DabX

User Reviews: “DabX Sets The Standard”

Steve, a user of DabX Go, asks, “now, what do I do with all my other rigs? From the unboxing to cleaning, the E-Rig puts all others to shame.” Steve goes on to describe the contents of the package, “the case is incredible. Extra atomizer, dab station, USB cord nestles in the top flap, carrying strap, waterproof gizmo top. Every angle covered. A true work of craftsmanship meets art.” It’s clear DabX has thought of every angle when creating this device. 

When discussing the overall user experience, Steve simply puts, “it’s that good. Smooth, tasty, and massive clouds.”

Another user, AustinRon states that the Go, “Sets the Standard”. He goes on to detail his experience, “low maintenance requirements, easy to clean, a joy to use.” According to AustinRon, their electronic dab vaporizer offers the “best engineered dabbing experience for the dollar.” 

Try The DabX Yourself This Summer In Amsterdam

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated solventless workshop series, beginning on July 13th, 2023. Squish The Summer High, AudioKush’s 8-date summer workshop series for solventless rosin extraction, will be held once again in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

This summer, we are pleased to welcome DabX, who will be joining us as our presenting sponsor. This year, Squish The Summer High will visit a total of eight distinct coffeeshops in the Netherlands. During each of the workshops, you will have the opportunity to test out the DabX Go, portable dabbing device.

This educational and engaging series is not to be missed. Beginning in May, we will start disclosing where we’ll be holding these exciting workshops. We are looking forward to connecting with you and dabbing with DabX Go this summer at Squish The Summer High.


DabX provides a variety of ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing devices for healthy consumption. With a primary motivation is helping others, Chris Rado’s brand has truly distinguished itself from the competition, whereas other electronic dab vaporizer brands on the market are monetarily driven.

If you’re in the market for a new e-rig or dabbing vaporizer, now is the time to check out their collection for the simplest, quickest, and most effective method to dab. Combining cutting-edge design and precise craftsmanship to provide the same function for beginners and experts alike!