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Feature img - Dabbing At The Best Temps w: Dab Rite

Enhance Your Extract Sesh w/ Dab Rite

When dabbing, put an end to the guessing game. Dab Rite enhances your sesh, giving you ultimate control over your concentrate enjoyment. This indispensable dab tool eliminates the element of chance in dabbing and ensures that your extracts are always consumed at a proper temperature.

If you’re an old-school dabber like me, you recall having to re-torch it before dabbing if it wasn’t flaming red-hot. When Bernzomatic branding torches were the go-to method to heat up your now-vintage rigs, red-hot titanium skillets and hot-knives were the thing. 

While heated cannabinoids and toasted terpenes are no longer the norm, the optimal temperature range for vaping cannabis extracts is still a topic of heated discussion.

Fortunately, there are numerous excellent items on the market these days that may assist you in obtaining the optimum temp dabs. Say goodbye to timers, guessing games, and, most importantly, wasting precious terps and add the Dab Rite to your sesh necessities.


The Dab Rite digital infrared thermometer is the perfect companion for your dab rig since it is sturdy, adjustable, and provides timed thermometer for optimum temp dabs. Dan Wynick, the company’s co-founder, says, “We spent over a year designing this product to offer dabbers the most scientific and technologically advanced gold standard product.”

The Dab Rite comes with everything you need to get started: a built-in rechargeable battery, a silicone cover for the sensor, a place to store a carb cap, and a cushioned carrying case. Inside the protective case comes an instruction booklet, a USB-C charging cable, and six rubber legs (four for usage on the device and two for backup in case you lose one), and of course, the Dab Rite. The Dab Rite Purple Limited Edition includes a scratch-resistant cleaning cloth made of cotton.

The Dab Rite is also available in a range of colors, including Black and Purple, and has removable silicone covers as well as a carb cap holder, which also poses as an ideal holder for a dab tool.


Everyone’s rig set up is different. Some prefer small rigs, and some prefer larger. Some bangers attach to rigs at a 45 degree angle, while others at 90. Some rigs have male adapters while others have female connections. All these variables cause the height of your banger from the table to have a wide range. 

Dab Rite took all these variables in consideration when preparing their product for consumer use. “Our first priority was creating a universal product that would work across multiple rig styles but also to offer dabbers a more convenient tool,” says Dab Rite Co-Founder, Dan Wynick.  If your banger is very high from the surface or sits at an awkward angle, let your worries fade away. 

The Dab Rite™ utilizes a flexible temperature reading arm allowing for more accurate readings across a variety of heights and angles. With the Dab Rite, you can easily adjust the thermometer to fit right underneath the banger of basically any dab rig setup!

Dab Rite even has a LED light to assist you in the proper placement underneath the banger. This will allow you to get the best temp dab, every time. Because of the adjustable arm, you can reach basically any rig set up. Whether you use a standard banger or something like a Terp Slurper, you can easily adjust your Dab Rite’s temperature sensor to properly gauge the temp of your next dab.


The Dab Rite has a simple control panel with only three buttons: power/select, up, and down. The power/select button does double duty as an on/off toggle and a menu/settings navigator. In order to adjust the temperature, change between celsius to fahrenheit, choose the banger type, and activate or deactivate the functions, use the up and down arrows.


The Dab Rite beeps and flashes green when the ideal temperature has been attained for your banger to make sure you don’t forget to take your next dab of cannabis extracts. You can easily adjust your optimum temperature, as well as switch between celsius and fahrenheit. 


There are two different quartz calibrations available in the Banger Type setting: Clear Quartz or Opaque Quartz.


Most electronic dab equipment has terrible battery life, forcing you to regularly charge, and causing you to regularly hit a middle of a sesh with the battery of your device dying. Luckily with DabRite, you don’t have to worry. I didn’t even need to charge the device out of the box. It’s been running for 4 straight months, and still has over a ⅓ battery life left! Do I suggest never charging the device? No, but for the purpose of this article, I wanted to test the battery life to its full extent. I am shocked at how much battery life is still left in the Dab Rite! 

The battery-saving feature of The Dab Rite causes it to power off after five minutes of inactivity. It can also be turned off by holding the power/select button for a few seconds.


Let’s be honest: dab rigs get hot! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve got my fair share of blisters from banger burns in the past from timing the banger with my hand or attempting to clean a hot banger. The silicone sensor cover adequately protects the sensor from extended heat.


The Dab Rite is sold with a silicone carb cap holder that rests in the center of the device’s sturdy base. Additionally, I’ve discovered that it serves a crucial role as a container for dab tools. With Dab Rite’s strategically placed silicone carb cap holder, you can easily switch between your dab tool and carb cap while dabbing.

Customize Your Dab Rite 

Each Dab Rite includes one silicone cover set. However, if you want to spruce up your Dab Rite, you can purchase other silicone caps for your digital terpene-saving thermometer on their website.

Dab Rite: “Safe & Convenient”

“Red-hot-go,” no more, because when you Dab Rite, you’ll never dab wrong again.

Dab Rite makes it possible for the consumer to enjoy a stress free dab.  The use of this essential dabbing instrument will remove any element of uncertainty associated with dabbing. 

“We want to ensure that users have access to safe and convenient tools,” Bryan Berc, Co-Founder of Dab Rite states. The Dab Rite will make it possible for you to take hits at a temperature to your liking that is always accurate, making it an essential add-on for your dabbing sessions.

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