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What is THC and What are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

THC is quite the common term that one hears about when looking into cannabis products or components. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, a prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant responsible for producing the “high” sensation when consumed. 

THC also falls under the chemical category that invokes reactions from the endocannabinoid system within our body. It activates our neurons, which produce different sensations and influence how we feel in the moment regarding time, memory, perception, etc. 

When buying cannabis products, one must look out for the components included, as some are THC + CBD, and some are CBD-only products. If a consumer is looking to buy a cannabis product that is strong and gives them a “high” sensation, they will have to choose products that contain THC traces.

Types of THC Products Available in the Market:

  1. Flower – Natural forms to consume THC.
  2. Hash – concentrated form of Cannabis, produced using various techniques.
  3. Extracts (oil) – BHO, Rosin, Wax, vape pen device, and other forms. 
  4. Edibles such as gummies or arrangements – Orally ingested products that use traces of THC with other ingredients.
  5. Tinctures – Another oral form of THC consumption, but in a more potent form.
  6. Topicals – External application products, such as body creams, that consist of THC traces. 

How Long Does THC Remain in the Body?

When a person starts consuming THC, its traces remain in the body even after the “high” sensation may have passed. THC traces will stay for 1-3 days before it gets excreted from the body for those who sporadically consume them. In frequent or chronic consumers, THC remains present for a longer duration, ranging up to 30 days. 


The duration of THC in the body also depends upon how one chooses to consume it. If a person prefers edibles, the body takes time to break down all its components, thus increasing its presence. On the other hand, for people who choose to vape THC, inhaling and releasing fumes reduce the amount of time it stays in the body.

4 Key Benefits of THC Consumption

The marijuana plant is known to be quite beneficial for various medicinal purposes. Since THC gets derived from the plant, its products often get consumed by people to achieve relief from different health issues. Thus, here’s a look at a few ways THC benefits its users.

  1. Provides pain relief: Achieving relief from chronic pain symptoms is one of the most common uses of THC. Studies have shown that THC consumption over time has improved the chances of pain relief that can otherwise hinder a person’s day-to-day routine if not treated. However, the quantified doses, combinations, etc., have yet to be determined to provide more substantial results. 
  1. Improves sleep: Disturbed or lack of sleep is one of the most unpleasant things to experience. It prevents your body from achieving the rest it needs, which can be detrimental in the long run. However, studies have shown that THC consumption has proven to improve short-term sleep disturbances, improve sleep problems, and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. One can consume a small dose of THC from devices such as a rechargeable vape pen an hour or so before they want to sleep in order to achieve the best results. 
  1. Eases symptoms of chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a challenging procedure, and the aftermath can leave patients feeling weak and nauseous. To alleviate these symptoms, THC can be consumed to help relax a person and improve how they feel after chemotherapy. 
  1. Helps with muscle spasms: Pulling a muscle, or other forms of cramps can be quite painful, and the pain may also last for a few hours, depending on the severity of it. Based on how much relief a person wants, they can use THC to help relieve the tension and inflammation caused in the muscles. It activates the neurons in our body and provides the sensation of relief which can help ease the discomfort arising from a muscle spasm. 


THC is a relatively vital component that aids in providing significant medical relief. Depending on a person’s needs, one can monitor consistent doses over particular periods to achieve their desired results. The advantage of consuming THC is available to users in a few different forms, making it convenient for people to choose the most suitable method. However, it is necessary to ensure that THC can get safely consumed and take the best measures for a smooth experience in the long run.

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