Germany set to legalize cannabis by end of 2022

Germany Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis By Late 2022

Germany Set To Legalize Recreational Cannabis By Late 2022

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By the end of 2022, Germany plans to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis.

Karl Lauterbach, the SPD-affiliated German Minister of Health, said that he intends to place cannabis legalization on the parliamentary agenda this summer.

Lauterbach said, as reported by German media, that he had changed his views on cannabis recently. “I’ve always been an opponent of cannabis legalization, but I revised my opinion about a year ago,” the minister stated.

Lauterbach predicts that technical discussions will begin this summer, and that a draft bill will be prepared in late 2022. Lauterbach tweets, “We are now accelerating the legalization process.”

The technical discussion procedure will include German federal states, municipalities, organizations, scientists, and members of civil society. 

By late 2022, Germany’s draft bill to legalize recreational cannabis will be established, if all goes according to plan.

In addition, Finance Minister Christian Lindner stated through Twitter that the process of legalizing cannabis for recreational use had begun.

Once legalized, the German government said it will control the sale of cannabis to adults via regulated dispensaries. Growing cannabis at home for recreational purposes may also be possible for German residents, as it will also be part of the proposed technical discussion.

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