Thai to give 1 million cannabis plants

Thailand To Provide 1 Million Free Cannabis Plants To Residents

Thailand’s Minister of Public Health plans to provide 1 million free cannabis plants to residents.

When cannabis is legalized on June 9th, Thailand’s Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul states they will be giving away one million cannabis plants to Thai residents.

Profitability is one motive for the legalization push. Anutin states that legalization efforts, “will enable people and the government to generate more than 10 billion baht [per year] in revenue from marijuana and hemp”.

Just last month, we addressed Thailand and how the Public Health Ministry removed the original proposed six cannabis plants per home, enabling Thai residents to cultivate an unlimited number of cannabis and hemp plants for personal use.

Now, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is once again creating news in the cannabis industry. Once the medical plant is officially decriminalized on June 9th, Thailand will give out one million cannabis plants to its residents.

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