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Blog Feature Image - is canna world cup amstredam 2022 canceled?

Is Canna World Cup Amsterdam Festival 2022 Canceled?

Despite the fact that the Canna World Cup Amsterdam 2022 is scheduled to begin in precisely 2 months, the event has gone utterly quiet. Over the previous several months, no announcements have been made, and countless unanswered inquiries have been posted as comments on all of their social media accounts. The issue that remains unanswered is whether the Canna World Cup will make its premiere with a festival in Amsterdam in 2022, or if it has been canceled?

According to the advertising, the Westergasfabriek is the site of the Canna World Cup festival grounds. However, a spokesman from the venue has confirmed that the Canna World Cup Amsterdam would no longer be held in the Westergasfabriek in 2022 as previously anticipated. The festival’s organizers have not spoken with their supposedly secured location, Westergasfabriek, for what seems to have been an extremely extended period of time, according to our sources. Consequently, Westergasfabriek has been compelled to free up the dates on their calendar to accommodate other engagements.  A closer look at the itinerary on the Westergasfabriek website reveals that the Canna World Cup 2022 is not set to take place on the first, second, or third days of July this year, as previously stated.


With no digital advertising or promotions over the past few months, many have been questioning the legitimacy of Canna World Cup 2022.  Despite the fact that the Canna World Cup is advertised in Amsterdam for the third year in a row, no physical promotional materials have been marketed in Amsterdam by the festival’s organizers. The event was postponed twice in 2021 due to the global pandemic outbreak. The organizers have now gone rather silent.

An overwhelming number of unanswered queries from interested industry brands and festival guests have been made public via social media postings. It appears the organizers are merely ignoring any contact to them. We have confirmation that Canna World Cup have been opening emails direct to from a computer with an IP address located in Hereford, England, though the emails are not receiving any responses. One of the co-founders of the cup has recently changed his WhatsApp display image on 2 May 2022, proving that messages are being screened & ignored. A number of paying event sponsors and musical artists for the Canna World Cup Festival Amsterdam 2022 were contacted, and the information we received confirms what we had been fearing. 

Source: SongKick

Ragga Twins, one of the festival’s headline musical artists, has notified us that they will not be performing at the Canna World Cup Festival Amsterdam in 2022. Ragga Twins, a Jungle and Drum & Bass MC duo, was been scheduled to perform at the Canna World Cup in 2020 and 2021. However, since the event has been moved to 2022, they have not heard from the organizers. The MC pair was in Amsterdam recently for the Jungle Dam Weekender Festival, which took place in March. A further in-depth study of the other music artists will provide findings that make us to believe that the Canna World Cup Amsterdam 2022 is canceled.

Canceling isn’t the most difficult element of the process. It seems that the organizers of the Canna World Cup Amsterdam 2022 have gone, taking with them a substantial quantity of money with them.

According to one paying sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous, “unfortunately these guys (Canna World Cup) flew, no contact anymore. Call Westergas and you will find out. We lost our money. I wonder how much money they took from sponsors and tickets sold”.  

Sponsorship prices for the Main Sponsor, which was obtained by Berner’s rolling paper company, Vibes, peaked at €50,000. Companies of all sizes and levels of equity and purchasing power were attracted to the festival by sponsorship packages that ranged from €1,000 to €50,000. This included small family-owned businesses as well as some of the cannabis industry’s most recognized names such as Ganjier, Cookies & Boveda to name a few examples.

A further review of the founders of Canna World Cup presents Asterion Seed Bank and Root To Cure Genetics as the organizers of the event concept. The seed bank, however, has been bombarded with bad ratings on review sites such as TrustPilot since January 2021, with complaints about things such as ignoring emails, not delivering out orders, and promoting items that they do not have access to. They have taken down their e-commerce website, which is also known as , and when you try to visit the site, you are presented with a fatal error message that reads, “Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor Scheme Typography'”. This indicates that the website is not actually broken.

Source: TrustPilot

Root To Cure Genetics evidently uses the same template structure for their social media postings as Canna World Cup. See announcement postings from Canna World Cup adjacent to announcement posts from Root To Cure. These posts are made apparent on Instagram. Both announcement formats are identical.

Source: Instagram

The event no longer has a location as a result of Westergasfabriek pulling the plug on Canna World Cup, so freeing up the dates on their calendar. Tickets, on the other hand, are still available for purchase via FestTicket, costing around €150 for a weekend pass. A representative at FestTicket was approached, but no clear response as to why tickets are still for sale was provided. We still await a sufficient response from FestTicket. 

Source: FestTicket

Is it fair to assume that the Canna World Cup Amsterdam 2022 has been canceled based on the facts we’ve obtained thus far? Despite the fact that the organization has not explicitly said that the event has been canceled, we believe it is important to share this information with the public. When it came to responding to inquiries, the company had a reputation for being responsive and prompt. Now, the organization has basically evaporated into thin air. The Canna World Cup has not answered to any of the calls, texts, emails, social media comments, or other kinds of communication that have been made to them for many months.

Canna World Cup is really cloaked in mystery, and regrettably, there is virtually no evidence that leads us to think that the event, which is slated to take place in Amsterdam in just two months, will actually take place.

We’ll leave the guesswork to your imagination. What do you believe is going on here, exactly? Please leave a comment below to share your opinion on this subject. 

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  1. It’s absurd.. my girlfriend knowing my passion gave me the ticket for last year and after booking everything and taking vacation right at that time they cancel the event, at that time I could understand it given the covid but fuck again no! They just announced that it was postponed again and I again had already booked everything… you don’t even have any idea what I had to do to get vacation time from July 1-4..

  2. About a month ago I contacted Fairy ticket , at that time the first ones who put tickets on sale, to get the new ticket since the dates had already been announced for many months and theoretically ,since there is no refund, they had to exchange the old ticket for the new event . the Fairy ticket organizers told me that still the organizers had not given a date yet .. already from there the whole situation smelled like shit to me

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