Imperious Cannabis Expo Phoenix Is Cancelled

Imperious Cannabis Expo Phoenix Is Cancelled

The Imperious Cannabis Business Expo 2024 in Phoenix is cancelled just two weeks prior to its scheduled date. What was originally scheduled for Feb 23–25, 2024 at Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, has been cancelled.

When you head to the Phoenix Convention Center website, nothing about Imperious‘ Cannabis Business Expo is mentioned, which raises major red flags. This could indicate that the cancellation of Imperious Cannabis Expo Phoenix 2024 was not due to any unforeseen circumstances. This raises suspicions about the credibility and intentions of the organizers, leaving attendees disappointed and questioning their trust in future events organized by Imperious.

This cancellation comes as a disappointment to many attendees and exhibitors who were eagerly looking forward to networking and showcasing their products at the event. The reasons behind the cancellation remain unknown, leaving many wondering if there will be future opportunities. With attendees and exhibitors disappointed and searching for answers, many are taking to social media to figure out answers. Meanwhile, the organization Imperious stalls to make an announcement.

Imperious Cannabis Expo Phoenix Is Cancelled

There is no official word from the Imperious team; however, with word from around the industry, it would appear that Imperious Cannabis Expo Phoenix is cancelled. One of the billed exhibitors, Cannatrols, shared this information after many began questioning the event.

(UPDATE): Imperious did announce that they have a new date, however they provided very vague information. When questions came in, the organization began deleting comments on social media. We reached out to the organizers founder, Eric, who has actually ignored our requests.

A review from a former attorney within the state of Arizona states, “no such event was ever scheduled with the Phoenix Convention Center.”

Imperious continues to face criticism for its lack of communication and transparency regarding event cancellations. This recent cancellation adds to the growing concerns about the reliability and professionalism of Imperious as a cannabis industry event organizer.

Reviews From Past Imperious Events Raises Alarm

Regarding a past 2018 event, Jed, President of Maz IPS stated, “the entire expo was cancelled without any regards to notify any of the participants.” While, Casey, Sales Manager at Elite Bottles & Packaging stated, “(the) event was cancelled with no notice.”

These repeated instances of event cancellations without proper communication reflect poorly on Imperious and raise doubts about their ability to effectively organize and execute cannabis industry events. It is crucial for event organizers to prioritize clear and timely communication with participants to maintain trust and professionalism within the industry. Just a few years ago, the Canna World Cup had cancelled it’s Amsterdam expo two-years in a row.

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