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Swiss Recreational Cannabis Pilot Project Starts This Summer

Swiss Recreational Cannabis Pilot Project – Sales Begin This Summer

Switzerland will execute its first adult-use recreational cannabis sales this summer through a pilot project. Swiss health regulators have approved a plan on Tuesday to test the sale and use of cannabis for recreational purposes in the city of Basel this summer.

Cannabis for recreational use is scheduled to begin in Switzerland this summer, but only as part of a restricted and supervised pilot experiment.

Swiss health officials authorized Tuesday the commencement of a pilot project, lasting up to 2 and a half years, allowing the sale and usage of recreational cannabis. However, only 400 residents of Basel will be allowed to purchase marijuana from designated dispensaries in late summer.

The pilot project, which is set to begin in September, is designed to analyze the impacts of recreational cannabis usage, while concurrently working to eliminate blackmarket cannabis sales and criminal activity.

According to municipal authorities, around 400 people in Switzerland’s northwestern city, Basel, will be able to obtain cannabis from a limited number of participating dispensaries.

Only people who use cannabis and are above the age of 18 will be eligible to take part in the trial, according to the local government.  The 400 people who will take part in this cannabis sales pilot program will be required to provide insight on their cannabis usage habits, physical health, and mental wellness.

For the next two and a half years, authorities and researchers from the local administration, the University of Basel, and University Psychiatric Clinics of Basel will work together to analyze the advantages and probable risks of allowing adults in Switzerland to consume recreational marijuana.

Those taking part in the project have been warned that if they pass cannabis on to others, they will face disciplinary action, including fines.

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