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Germany Will Legalize Adult Recreational Cannabis Sales

Under Germany’s newly elected government, cannabis will be become legal for adult recreational use. As a result of the new legislation, cannabis would only be available for purchase from licensed dispensaries, and available only to those 18 or older. Four years after legalization takes effect, the government will undertake a study of the decision’s possible societal advantages and consequences.

On Wednesday, 24 November, Germany’s incoming government parties announced a formal agreement to legalize recreational cannabis sales and explore a broader range of drug policy harm reduction measures. According to the new coalition, the parties have agreed to legalize the sale of cannabis to those aged 18 or older provided it is distributed via licensed shops that can legally tax it and ensure its purity through quality regulations. 

Lars F. Lindemann, a member of the Free Democrats in the region, tweeted: “The legalization of cannabis, long blocked by the Union, allows us to have a regulated and taxed dispensary, controllable quality and effective youth protection through education.”

In the wake of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and many US states, Germany would become the first major European nation to do so. This will create a vast market for legal cannabis producers and retailers.

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